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3-Questions Doña Hatch
Enrique Limón

3 Questions With: Doña Hatch

June 27, 2014, 12:00 am

Many employees have come through the SFR door, but Doña Hatch has been a mainstay for 17 years. Putting the “senior” in Senior Advertising Exec., Hatch has been a loyal staffer and a constant, sassy presence at the mother ship. From pig runs to temporary attempts at heterosexuality, she’s been there, done that.

One of your shining moments was when “Truffles” your pet pig ran away from the office and down Marcy Street. Describe the experience in one word.
Are you kidding me? Scary. She was in the middle of the street—it was like the running of the bulls—I couldn’t catch her! These two guys helped me corral her; it took three people.

In internal email, our publisher Jeff Norris said that you were “a grown woman” in ’74. What do you remember the most from that year?
What the hell happened in 1974? I had graduated from UNM, I went to Houston because my father had died and I got married to a man—it lasted three years—then I saw the light.

You’ve seen many people come and go. Who do you remember the most?
Julia Goldberg. She’s a Sagittarian as I am, so we both have strong personalities and we butted heads more than one time [laughs].


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