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VIDEO: Gubernatorial Ad Wars, Primary Edition

Mudslinging on the airwaves.

May 30, 2014, 5:50 pm

Because we know how much our readers love political ads, SFR has compiled a list of the latest advertisements from gubernatorial candidates. 
Voting for this primary race that will decide who takes on Republican incumbent Gov. Susana Martinez ends on Tuesday, June 3.

Candidate: Gary King
Party: Democrat 
Race: Governor
Message: He's experienced and tough-on-crime. 
SFR's Notes: Alternative ending: "Gary King, the proven candidate as the slowest prosecutor in New Mexico history."
Candidate: Linda Lopez
Party: Democrat
Race: Governor
Message: Lopez will protect the environment. Also speaks Spanish.
SFR's Notes: This Internet-only, short-on-substance and long-on-ideals ad reflects Lopez' lack of campaign cash. 
Candidate: Howie Morales
Party: Democrat
Race: Governor
Message: Father, teacher, senator, coach—all around good guy. 
SFR's Notes: Morrales seems positive he can defeat a popular incumbent with a multi-million dollar campaign war chest. We're not.
Candidate: Lawrence Rael
Party Democrat
Race: Governor
Message: Gov. Martinez=corrupt job killer. Lawrenece Rael=job creator.
SFR's Notes: Rael single-handedly created "thousands" of jobs? We're pretty sure SFR's newsroom has consumed thousands of doughnuts, but we can't get more specific than that.
Candidate: Alan Webber 
Party: Democrat 
Race: Governor
Message: The optimistic idea-man.
SFR's Notes: Good luck navigating with the state and federal regulatory maze in attempting to create all those green-energy jobs. 
Candidate: Susana Martinez
Party: Republican 
Race: Governor
Message: All Democrats=former Gov. Bill Richardson. Martinez is not Richardson. Thus give her another shot.
SFR's Notes: C'mon, Governor. Richardson again? Really? 


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