Dec. 8, 2016
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May 27, 2014, 12:00 am

Cover, May 21: 2014 Summer Arts Preview

Equity Wanted

The headline left out the word “male” as in “Watchlist: Top 10 Male Cultural Power Players.” I am looking forward to your top 10 female cultural power players.

Here is a quick list of ten female cultural power players in Santa Fe: Patsy Phillips (MoCNA director); Molly Sturges (composer, community artist, founder/director of Littleglobe); Chrissie Orr and Jeanette Hart-Mann (co-founders of Seed Broadcast, land-based art and art activists extraordinaire); Natalie Goldberg (writer/painter represented by Ernesto Mayans Gallery); America Meredith (painter currently showing at Allan Houser Gallery and publisher/senior editor of First American Art Magazine; Susan Gardner (poet/artist/publisher and senior editor of Red Mountain Press); Amber Dawn Bear Robe (director of the Pablita Velarde Museum of Indian Women in the Arts); Lucy Lippard (author/art critic); and Edie Tsong (co-founder Cut + Paste Society).

Ann Filemyr
Academic Dean, IAIA
Santa Fe

From the Author: Our Summer Arts Preview started with an article from our archives on Georgia O’Keeffe’s latter years, heralded visionaries like Cathryn McGill, praised the musical stylings of Rosie Ledet, vouched for Linda K—who is all woman—and celebrated Santa Fe’s prominent cultural institutions, most of which are female-led. Being an active member of Santa Fe’s cultural community, not only have I expressed my admiration in print but also in person to many of the people you mention. You chose to cite a subjective list (one of four lists, and a total of 13 pieces of editorial). I too would like to see a more varied cultural power-player landscape in Santa Fe—which for all its touting of diversity is surprisingly whitewashed and heteronormative. One can dream.

Enrique Limón

Blog, May 20: “Ride of the Century”

Tossed Aside

Congratulations, Tom Sharpe! The write-up is fantastic. Last year was my first Century, also on a beastly trail bike. It gets easier as you spend more time in the saddle.

David Gunter

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