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SFR’s Local Music Issue

May 6, 2014, 12:00 am

In November 2003, SFR published its first-ever local music issue. It featured 12 artists profiles including one on Andy Primm “one of Santa Fe’s musical secrets,” and tipped its hat to now defunct acts such as Chopper Sick Balls and The Hollis Wake, as well as long gone live music venues like the Catamount, Bar B and Swig.

It also pissed people off. Big time.

Then editor Julia Goldberg doesn’t remember it. Forever stashed in the Reporter’s collective mental junk drawer, the initiative became a one-hit wonder never again to be reprised; our equivalent of the Atari E.T. videogame.

The issue, however, struck a chord with musicians who thought it didn’t cast a wide enough net. A truckload of angry letters to the editor ensued. A young Alex De Vore wrote one such note.

“A lot of people felt really slighted by it,” De Vore, now a strapping 31-year-old says, his voice laced with gin and Marlboro Reds.

In a town like Santa Fe, it seems like a missed opportunity not to put together a volume devoted to its music scene. Whether your thing is getting sweaty with a bunch of strangers at Sol, discovering the joys of bel canto at our world-class opera house or grinding on the stripper pole at the Matador to the soothing sounds of screamo, Santa Fe exudes musicality and harbors and impressive array of diverse talents. This special edition is meant to celebrate them all.

So take your lighters out (though hopefully not to burn the issue) and broaden your musical horizons to the tune of 40 CDs from local acts—ranging from Americana to Zydeco—reviewed by De Vore, Primm, SFR alum Reyan Ali and budding critic Cheryl Abhold. You can find the Soundtrack Different here.

Hungry for more? Their Bandcamp, Beatport and Facebook profiles are but a click away. Better yet, check ‘em out live for the full experience.

Do the sign of the horns with musicphile Rob DeWalt and get hip to a project he’s currently spearheading that chronicles the history of New Mexico’s metal scene. Find a rider for this year’s Bandstand and get a VIP experience with Mayor Javier Gonzales as he addresses concerns from some of Santa Fe’s top luminaries.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy this encore more than a decade in the making. Tonight, you’re with the band.


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