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Inside George RR Martin’s Own Wedding

The affair was quaint and neither red nor purple

April 14, 2014, 12:00 am


f any lesson can be extracted from season three of Game of Thrones’ infamous Red Wedding and its purple counterpart, aired last night during season four’s “The Lion and the Rose,” is that George RR Martin hates nuptials.

For the Santa Fe-based author of the epic A Song of Ice and Fire series—on which the hit HBO show is based—poisoned pie pairs majestically with the exchanging of vows and throat slashings go well with tulle.

But how was Martin’s own wedding to longtime love Parris? It turns out it was a quaint affair held on February 15, 2011 inside their living room, three decades after their love story began.

“After thirty years, we finally decided that maybe this relationship was going to work out after all,” Martin joked on his “Not a Blog” blog a couple of days later in a post titled “Big, Big, BIG News.”

In the early 80s, Parris left Portland Ore., to join George, a then struggling novelist, in his Declovina Street home.

“We’ve been together ever since, for good times and bad, a move or two, more cons and road trips and adventures than either of us can remember now in our advanced old age,” Martin shared.

The ceremony took place at their home in front of their red hearth—“Lannister red,” Martin pointed out. The bride wore Tyrell colors and “unlike most Westerosi weddings, no one was killed and only tears of joy were shed,” he wrote.

The owner of the Jean Cocteau Cinema joked that Parris and he would embark on a six-month-long honeymoon, which no doubt ignited the impatience of his diehard readership. “[J]ust kidding. GRRM will be honeymooning on Skull Island, I promise,” he clarified.

“We have yet negotiate whether we will merge our books and music collections, after all, one can only go so far,” Parris said.

The evening was sealed with a kiss and a steak dinner surrounded by a handful of close friends.

“I can hear some of you saying ‘What took you so long?’ What can I say? I’m slow. With writing and with…ah…other things,” Martin noted.

Click here for a wedding scrapbook.


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