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Other Bands Play, These Bands Kill!

Get ready for March of DethFest

March 25, 2014, 12:00 am

Whether or not it’s apparent on the surface, there’s a thriving metal scene in and around Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Really, there has been for years, and bands like Logical Nonsense and One Down once roamed the globe with ferocity, blast beats and a whole hell of a lot of shredding. 

These days, many metal bands toil away in relative obscurity at off-the-map venues like the Dave Cave, VFW and various shows outside Santa Fe proper, but every so often the stars (pentagrams?) align and abominable bands from beyond the abyss journey forth on a bloodthirsty quest of epic, face-melting proportions! From Torn Between Worlds and Sleeptaker to Carrion Kind and Oscillation, these brutal cadres put together epic songs, the likes of which might make God himself weep and the Devil sit up and be like, “Damn, you dudes shred.” 

March of DethFest brings all these bands together alongside acts like Blinddryve, Echoes of Fallen, Genocide and 3 Weeks Later for a blistering night of metal so badass, you’ll swear it’s time to learn why the hell they make seven-string guitars (spoiler-alert, it’s because some dudes shred so hard that six strings just don’t cut it). Each band adds its own unique twist to the metal formula, be it a more radio-friendly style, a non-stop flurry of fast-paced “jugaa-juggas,” discordant guitar harmonies layered over distorted bass in a glorious show of math comprehension or all of the above. 

Regardless of style, it’s awesome to see so many representatives making their way through the limitless sea of metal gentrification—especially when they call Santa Fe home—and each does our state proud with drummers so intense, guitar sweeps so slaying and vocals so savage it should probably be illegal or something. 

Under 21-ers take note, this show will be all-ages till 10 pm, and the slay-a-thon continues for the 21+ set through closing time. 

So head past St. Francis for once in your damn life and get ready to bang your head with some of the finest musicians New Mexico has to offer, regardless of what style they play. 

Oh, and RIP Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus of GWAR…metal will never be the same without you. 

March of DethFest 
7 pm Friday March 28. $5-$8. 
The Locker Room 
2841 Cerrillos Road, 


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