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Movie Here Comes tha Devil 1-22-14
OHMYGOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO HER EYES?! 'Here Comes the Devil' and there goes the neighborhood

Best Horror Movie Title of the Year (So Far!)

‘Here Comes the Devil.’ Better watch out!

January 22, 2014, 12:00 am
We open with two women having sex. The doorbell rings and one woman leaves to see whom it is. A man attacks her and slicing off some of her fingers. Her lover grabs a lamp and knocks the guy over the head, who then flees.

Some time later, Sol (Laura Caro), Felix (Francisco Barreiro) and their tweens vacation near the spot where our finger-slicer disappeared. Then the kids disappear nearby while mom and dad blow each other in the car. And then—and this is all the first 15 minutes—the really weird shit starts to happen.

“What did I just see?” is a question I ask after each movie. Sometimes the answer is “The best movie of 2013” (12 Years a Slave). Sometimes it’s “an insightful drama about teens” (The Spectacular Now). And sometimes the answer is “I have no idea what I just saw.”

Answer number three is my reaction after viewing Here Comes the Devil. This strange horror film raises many questions, provides few answers, and has an uneasy relationship with on-screen sex and consequences. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t make much sense, even on its own terms. But there’s some good mounting dread and jarring images, but they don’t add up to much.

Directed by Adrián García Bogliano
With Laura Caro and Francisco Barreiro
Jean Cocteau Cinema
97 min.


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