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Jazz—it’s what the kids are into nowadays

It’s tough for us music critics.

January 8, 2014, 12:00 am
Folks everywhere seem to think we operate under the “Music critics only do what they do because they can’t play music themselves!” umbrella. And though I’ll admit that this isn’t outside the realm of possibility, there are those who get out and slay musical performances every bit as hard as their writing, maybe even harder.

Take former SFR music writer Loren Bienvenu for example. Given his writing in my absence, it’s certainly no secret that Bienvenu was/is a pretty big jazz fan, but did you know that he also plays the stuff himself? You did? Shut up and listen anyway!

Bienvenu, a killer drummer, has constructed a who’s-who of local jazz talent for his group, The Bienvenu Revolver Trio.

The legendary Justin Bransford adds depth and a whole mess of “ba-dooms” on the bass while Alex Candelaria surpasses the pitfalls of jazzy guitar noodlin’ with ease and style. What’s left is another great reason to ditch our jazz preconceptions and hit up the Low ‘n Slow Lowrider Bar to prove ourselves wrong.

The long-running series makes it a point to sidestep boring jazz for local and touring acts that implement rock elements and—get this—even a little bit of  experimentalism for some of the most worthwhile shows in town.

If ever you’ve thought to yourself that it’s time to see what all the jazz hullabaloo is about, you can’t go wrong by dipping your toe into the Trio’s freshly executed jazz pools.

But seriously, though, awful metaphors aside, this one’s gonna rule.

Bienvenu Revolver Trio
9:30 pm Friday Jan. 10. No cover.
Low ‘n Slow Lowrider Bar, 125 Washington Ave.,


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