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Game on!

Free screenings of 'Game of Thrones' are coming

January 2, 2014, 12:00 am
We’ve been heavy on the George RR Martin love here at SFR, but since he’s lived up to his promise of revamping the once dark Jean Cocteau Cinema and rebranding it as a focal point for film, visual and performance art, can you blame us?

The Santa Fean’s journey to fantasy phenom is one that could easily be ripped off a fiction bestseller—the son of a longshoreman, GRRM, as he is known in literary circles, grew up in the projects of Bayonne, New Jersey.

As a child, he’d eagerly await for ships to sail by the nearby Kill Van Kull channel and he’d let his imagination run wild as to who was manning the boats and what precious cargo they carried. With the aid of an old encyclopedia, he started identifying vessel’s flags and a faraway world was soon created.

Martin never stopped dreaming and all these years later, he’s a bona fide superstar thanks to some 25 million copies sold of his epic A Song of Ice and Fire series, on which the HBO smash Game of Thrones is based.

On Friday, Martin puts another feather on his Greek fisherman’s hat and starts a weekly series of free GoT screenings starting with season one, episode one.

“It’s a little unusual to screen a television show at a motion picture theater—there are various rules that apply because of guild regulations,” Martin tells SFR, adding that an amicable arrangement was reached wherein he would project the episodes free of charge. “Everyone is thrilled with the idea. HBO is very excited and so are we.”

The idea, Martin tells SFR, came up when he got a chance to attend a private screening for season one at a Hollywood talent firm, and later, one in a much grander scale at the Grauman’s Chinese theater.

“The shows look spectacular on the large screen,” Martin says. “I remember thinking at that time, ‘it’s a pity that the only people that get to see it this way are people that get to go to these VIP premieres that are invitation only; it’d be great if the average fan could see them.”

Ultimately, along with the screenings and special cast and show runner Skype-ins, Martin hopes to bring the glitz and glam closer to home.

“We’re a small theater,” he says. “Our screen can’t compare with the one at Grauman’s Chinese, but it’s bigger than any television screen, so it should be pretty cool and some of the local, Santa Fe fans will get to have the same thrill that the heavyweights of Hollywood once did.”

Game of Throne
6 pm Monday, Jan. 6. Free
Jean Cocteau Cinema,
418 Montezuma Ave.,


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