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Corey Johnson

7 Days


December 4, 2013, 12:00 am

1. New national park would commemorate Manhattan Project.
Creative tourism offerings to include “Make Your Own Bomb.”

2. Annual tourism increases in New Mexico by 3 percent.
Imagine the spike with the addition of nuclear-warfare theme tours.

Roman “Tiger” Abetya drops out of mayor’s race.

Not grrreat.

Three of four mayoral candidates to use public money for campaigns. 

Bring on the yard signs, the bumper stickers and the bribes.

4. False alarms threaten effectiveness of Amber Alerts.
Have they tried Snapchat?

6. Court of Appeals says city must allow liquor sales near school.
Cheers for recess!

7. Plastic farolitos or fauxrolitos are everywhere.

What’s next, fake adobe?



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