Dec. 7, 2016
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Pilgrim Lite: a nod to Gil-Scott Heron


November 27, 2013, 12:00 am
Sound the bells of Assisi.

The revolution won’t be 

pasted on Facebook,

or taste like azure margaritas 

and blue corn chips. 

The revolution won’t be 

downloaded toYoutube,

or Dolby like Blu-ray 

zombie rats feeding.

No elfin hippies toking 

low rider paraphernalia.

No Wild West Middle East 

winter shootout clearance sale 

on homeless shelter heads.

Chime the bells of Assisi.

The revolution won’t be 

Instagrammed Snapchat photos 

of a portal selling your grandparent’s 


No, it won’t be prairie dogs 

lacquering bangs, or clove cigarettes 

smoked in dens packed with owls quoting 


This is the revolution: 

A cougar’s in the driver seat

and she needs a new watch.

So peal the bells of Assisi.

La Llorona is drunk with Zozobra, 

moaning and wailing all night,

La Reina de La Fiesta serpentines 

while the miraculous staircase unwinds,

Kateri’s blood of the martyrs soothes 

feet that Onate chopped off, 

La Conquistadora does the Macarena

and covets the love of Po’pay.

Rock the bells of Assisi.

The revolution won’t be  

fringe and feathered sinners 

dragging turquoise needle point crosses

to a descanso in Chimayo.

The revolution won’t be Twittered, Skyped, 

poked, liked, 

promoted or shared 

with your Paula Dean botulism network.

Trust me, brothers and sisters

The revolution won’t be 

gynarchy cast in deception 

blasting Hannah Montana 

to castaway children 

in mandatory welfare 

yo’ mamma don’t care

corporative health care beds.

Doug Bootes is an artist, writer and father of two amazing daughters. Calling New Mexico home for fifteen years, he’s studying creative writing at Santa Fe Community College and is art editor for the Santa Fe Literary Review.


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