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Cat Davis

Thar They Show!

Santa Fe just can’t quit Moby Dick, baby

October 22, 2013, 10:00 pm

Don’t minimize Moby Dick—the trio formed by Andrew Primm, Micah Chappell and Mikey Baker—to merely a Led Zeppelin tribute band. Accomplished musicians in their own right, the three faces of Dick strive to deliver a spectacle fueled by sweet jams, panty flinging and righteous shredding. 

Primm explains the difference between a cover band and a tribute band like Moby Dick: “You can count on wigs, trousers, and stage poses that are authentically recreated and in character, and actual rock and roll debauchery.”

The group has gone through a bit of a dry spell, prompting frantic Facebook fans to post messages on the band’s wall longing for their “next Dick fix.” Well, lucky for all the Dick fiends out there, the wait is over. 

“It’s been a bit of a while since we rock and rolled—several months to be exact—and when better to blow out the cobwebs than a very spooky pre-Halloween weekend?” Primm, who along with his band mates is prepping for an Oct. 26 show asks. “We are all Jones-ing to get out there, turn the Page, and Plant some face-melting grooves on you until you go Bonzo.”

Focusing mainly on the original band’s classic 1973 The Song Remains The Same Madison Square Garden footage, the Santa Feans emulate the look and sound of Zep at their prime, sparking, Primm says, “Standard marriage proposals and offers to have band member’s babies…the usual.” 

Given the spooky holiday tie-in, the also member of Chango and Love Gun advances “regular old lascivious grinding and partial nudity, lemon squeezing and dirigibles.” In other words, go before Primm focuses on his true love. 

“[Playing in these bands] is something I am doing to make ends meet until my interpretive dance career takes off,” he says. Admitting that is also “gets Baker out of the house instead of slowly going insane in his guitar lair.”

On a night that is sure to beg the question: Is that a Twix in your pocket? Primm—known for his sweet tooth the town over—admits his weakness for sugary treats and shares his favorite part of the holiday: “Begging for a little bit of sweetness from everybody.”

Moby Dick Pre-Halloween Extravaganza
9 pm Saturday, Oct. 26. $5
Evangelos, 200 W San Francisco St.


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