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Tune Up 5_FINAL

Tune Up Café

October 16, 2013, 12:00 am

On any given day, expect Tune-Up Café to be packed with locals waiting to make their order. Santa Feans cherish the joint because it cherishes the different. It’s the small touches, like the organic eggs, the watermelon juice and the Red Rock roasted coffee that makes Tune-Up special. The restaurant’s lamb burger, which tastes more like a gyro than a typical burger, comes sautéed with arugula and red onions and coated lightly with mayo. Sweet potato fries seasoned with garlic and chives are offered as a side. While the fries themselves aren’t crispy, their starch is thick enough to make a crunch. Prospective diners who are not feeling as ambitious can get something more traditional like the breakfast burrito, which comes smothered in jack cheese and your choice of red or green chile (go with the green). And for the health-conscious sweet tooth, Tune-Up has gluten-free desserts. Try the blueberry pie. Instead of artificially sweetened pie filling, this stuff tastes like actual blueberries. Tune-Up also has two sides to it: During the day, its atmosphere is fun for the family, but at night, the lights dim low, the dining gets slightly finer, and it’s time to bring a date.

1115 Hickcox St., 983-7060
Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily


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