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October 16, 2013, 12:00 am
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Baja Tacos
One visit here and you’ll never step into a Taco Bell again.
2621 Cerrillos Road, 471-8762

Chicago Dog Express
From beef to turkey to Polish, it’s a bona fide sausage fest, in the best sense.
600 Cerrillos Road, 984-2798

El Chile Toreado
Is this cart truly deserving of the blue ribbon in SFR’s first-ever Breakfast Burrito Olympiad? Come taste for yourself.
950 Cordova Road, 500-0033

El Molero Fajitas
At five bucks a pop, Molero’s delectable fajitas are the best value in town.
Corner of Lincoln Ave. and W San Francisco St.

Five & Dime General Store
Their Frito pie served piping hot inside a corn chip bag is Santa Fe’s original to-go dish.
58 E San Francisco St. 992-1800

Jarocho’s Taquería
Killer tamales, Hawaiian burgers and otherworldly plantains.
2820 Cerrillos Road, 204-5756

Los Dogos
Lil’ Ricky currently holds the Juárez-style hot dog eating record here with five dogos devoured in under nine minutes. Think you can beat him?
3985 Cerrillos Road, 455-6147

Paletería y Taquería La Hacienda
Authentic Mexican eats and homemade paletas in flavors like avocado and refried beans…yum!
3668 Cerrillos Road, 474-3431 

Refresquería Las Delicias
Offering everything from sinful Chilindrinas to loaded fresas con crema, this is where pre-diabetic dreams come true.
4340 Airport Road, 438-0280


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