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Crowds descended on the 'Fe for the festival's 92nd edition.
Enrique Limón

20 Outstanding pieces of art at the 92nd Indian Market

August 17, 2013, 1:00 pm

For the 92nd year, Indian Market—the most prestigious Native art market in the globe and the largest cultural happening in the Southwest—took over Santa Fe with an assemblage of over 1000 artists featuring and selling their wares.

Some 150,000 visitors descended upon downtown Santa Fe (and SFR's parking lot) from around the nation and the globe, effectively doubling the city's population over the weekend.

Here are some of this year's most eye-catching pieces:

20. This behemoth bolo tie by Ric Charlie (Navajo/Diné)

19. These lovely license plate cuffs by Wayne Nez Gaussoin (Picuris Pueblo/Navajo)

18. These sexy silver press-on nails by Jeralyn Lujan Lucero (Taos Pueblo)

17. This titillating tank top by Mercedes Jack (Tlingit)

16. These sharp-shooting stickers by Lawrence Santiago (Coushatta)

15. This beaded bison by Anna Sarracino (Zuni Pueblo)

14. This beautimous blown glass jackalope skull by Tony Jojola (Isleta Pueblo)


13. This gnarly Godzilla by Mary Ortiz (Cochiti Pueblo)

12. This stare-tastic painting by Steven Paul Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw)

11. This charming chapeau by Dyanni Smith Hamilton-Youngbird (Navajo/Diné)

10. This awesome alabaster lowrider by Oreland Joe (Ute/Navajo)

9. These must-have moccasins by Myron Gonzales (Jemez/San Ildefonso Pueblo)

8. These digi dodems by Stephen Wall (Chippewa)

7. These dope drums by Dallin Maybee (Arapaho/Seneca)


6. This macho machete sheath by Derek T. Big Day (Crow)

5. This edgy Etch-A-Sketch by Shonto Begay (Navajo/Diné)

4. This Powerpuff pastiche by 14-tear-old Dominique Arano (Santo Domingo/Cochiti)

3. These bodacious buckles by Marcus Amerman (Choctaw)

2. This rockin’ rawhide drum set by Alex Maldonado (Yaqui)

1. This too hot for Indian Market tableau by Ricardo Lee Caté (Santo Domingo Pueblo)

Why supporting artists like this is important

More information on the 2013 Indian Market and its participants can be found here.


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