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Michael Dellheim

What’s The Matter With Kids Today?

Not a whole lot, as the 2013 Bandstand finally gives ‘em choices

July 2, 2013, 12:00 am

Yes, friends, the 2013 Santa Fe Bandstand is upon us, but it’s a bit different (and longer) than previous years. Certainly, there are the old standby acts like Eliza Gilkyson, Alex Maryol and Felix y Los Gatos, but 2013’s iteration features shows with a younger bent as well. But don’t worry, old people, there’s still plenty of music for you. Look, you want a list? I’ve got your list right here:

A Hawk and a Hacksaw with Cloacas (July 11, 7:30 pm)
Albuquerque’s Eastern European folk enthusiasts most recently released an album of music from and inspired by filmmaker Sergei Parajanov’s Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors and it is, in a word, badass. They’re probably sick of all the Neutral Milk Hotel talk by now, but would certainly be glad to know they’re loved in their own right pretty much everywhere. Local experimental indie-folk/classical/Americana (and more subtly inserted genres than can possibly be listed here) act Cloacas opens the night and gives the kids a reason to stop looking so damn sullen all the time. Bandstand director Michael Dellheim says he spoke with local tastemakers, “promoters and several DJs to get more input on younger programming.” Yay!

Anthony Leon and the Chain (July 16, 6 pm)
I must confess: I hated this band when they first showed up (sorry, dudes!), but as they refined and tightened their blend of outlaw honky-tonk and straight rock ’n‘ roll, they grew into one of the most lively and hard-rockin’ crews to dwell within our city. I was admittedly only slightly intrigued until an event at the now-defunct Tin Star Saloon a couple years back during which the guys just about melted my face off. Leon himself is like country incarnate, and his backup band ain’t nothin’ to slouch at, either.

Round Mountain (July 29, 7:15 pm)
Brothers Char and Robbie Rothschild are just two dudes, but their vast arrangements of roots rock meets world music—while somehow managing to file neatly in neither—sounds more like some sort of super-band with, like, a hundred members. Exaggeration? Maybe so, but these bros still kill it.
Former New Mexicans Treemotel slay the Plaza the next night in indie style. It’s hard to nail down a genre for this fearsome foursome, but there are elements of shoegaze, punk, rock and experimentalism that all come together in an easily accessible package.

SFUAD Contemporary Ensemble/Bill Hearne with Cathy Faber’s Swingin’ Country Band (Aug. 5, noon; 6 pm & 7:15 pm)
These kids have been working all year on their Americana chops, so it is only fair of us to nurture their ass-busting efforts. Plus, kids who go to school specifically for music are probably pretty talented. As for Bill Hearne…well, let’s just say you’ll never meet anyone cooler than this guy as long as you live. A longtime staple of the local country scene, Hearne took home top honors in the Best Local Country section of SFR’s 2012 Best Of awards, and it’s your duty to find out why. Cathy Faber and her band just picked up a New Mexico Music Award for Best Country CD, and their Dan Hicks-ish take on country covers are some of the best around. Faber’s voice is beautiful…case closed.

Man No Sober (Aug. 19, 6 pm)
Do you like Black Keys but wish they were better? Don’t we all? Stop crying and be at this show.

The Imperial Rooster (Aug. 22, 7:30 pm)
If only acoustic folk met indie rock and was played by dudes who love punk. That’d be a great band. Oh wait! That is a great band! They’re called The Imperial Rooster.
This year’s Bandstand features nightly online surveys on their website which gives you, the townsfolk, a means to let ’em know what does or doesn’t work for you.


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