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Enrique Limón

Outta the Box

Getting your weekly copy of SFR never looked this good

June 25, 2013, 12:00 am
Well, well, well…guess who’s turning a year older? Hint: it has a penchant for pushing buttons and you’re browsing it right now. Yup, SFR is adding another candle to the cake—but don’t go calling us middle-aged just yet.

To celebrate, we’re putting together Project Art Box, a shindig that features 20 of our iconic street boxes embellished, revamped and reinvented by a dream team of local artists that includes the likes of Teri Greeves, Erin Currier, Prakash, modern santero Arthur Lopez and the subject of the first Arts Valve feature, Ehren Natay.

Before hitting a corner near you, the assemblage will be present for a one-night-only art show this Friday at the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission’s Community Gallery.

Piqued your interest yet? Conceptual sculptors Wrona and James Gall will also be presenting a box, as will airbrush master Grant Kosh and the guerrilla knitters of Yarn & Coffee.

Lisa Danner serves up an under-the-sea-inspired piece and joins Ben Haggard; Lupe Garza, who gets his muerto on; Michael Lahargoue and Sophia Livingston; Rob Krumholz; Leif Smith; Fredrick Prescott, known for his metal animal sculptures; Art Attack! cover artist Stan Natchez; the papertastic Valerie Rangel; and Jamison Chas Banks.
Made by both established and fledgling artists, the boxes range in themes from playful to colorful, head-scratching to political.

“I’d just gotten off the Cibola: Seven Cities of Gold exhibit, and I started thinking about royalty and the New Spain,” Banks, the creator of “El Emperador: The Gold Standard” (pictured) says. “It’s about imperialism—the haves and the have nots.”

Matthew Chase-Daniel, half of Axle Contemporary, delivers an interactive blackboard box that he hopes will draw the community in. “I like the simplicity of it,” he says, “and I also like the old-schoolness of chalkboards, felt erasers and such.”

Many of us have been together for 39 years. We have hooted and hollered together; had our a-ha moments; have ugly-cried together and we’ve done our gratitude journals. Hold on…I just ripped off Oprah Winfrey’s farewell show speech. Senior moment, I guess.

Back to the show. Swing on by, say hi to the love-them-or-hate-‘em team, and help us pave the way for the next 39. This love letter is yours, Santa Fe. Come open it.

Facebook event info here.

SFR’s Project Art Box
6-9 pm Friday, June 28. Free.
Community Gallery,
201 W Marcy St., 955-6705


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