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Umm…yeah. Case of the Mondays got you down? We’ve got the remedy.
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M-O, M-O-N-D-A-Y…Night!

Eat that, beginning of the week!

June 11, 2013, 12:00 am

Garfield and I share a few similarities: We love sleeping all the time in an effort to not feel feelings; we’re not even close to skinny; and most importantly, we hate the shit outta Mondays. The latter item having just about ruined my life the other night, I decided my only choice was to put together a weekly game plan so as to soften the blow that is the beginning of the week.

Please note that getting wasted, while certainly entertaining, might not be the greatest plan for those of you who need to get up early on Tuesday morn. As for the rest of us, let’s go nuts and be friends and stuff!

We can kick off our Monday night with a stop by the infamous (in the ¡Three Amigos! sense of the word) Cowgirl Karaoke with Michéle Leidig (9 pm, no cover). I’d been back in town for two hours before I wound up at this old standby and, like just about everything else around here, it is way more awesome in the summertime. There were—get this—young people in attendance drinking and singing, and the patio was the place to be.

I totally understand this isn’t really the same as taking in a live act, but it is a great way for those with a surplus of musical ambition and a deficit of talent to weasel their way into the limelight for a moment or two. Look at it this way: Even if you suck huge, nobody can ask you to stop or “kick you out of the band.” In fact, being the badass that she is, Leidig doesn’t stand for heckling, which is pretty damn neat.

Once the wait list to sing grows a little too long, we can tip bartendress Cindy in the 50- to 75-percent neighborhood and head over to Marcy Street for Rouge Cat’s Motown Getdown with DJ Luna (8 pm, no cover). Can you think of a record label that put out so many amazing artists with such frequency? Doubtful. I mean, c’mon—Motown is where it’s at, and if we are lucky, Luna will play that Jackson 5 song, “The Love You Save.” That’s a damn fine jam!

Should we find ourselves danced out, it may be time to heed the siren call coming from the twin jewels of Galisteo Street known as The Underground and The Matador.

According to The Undies’ Chris Quintana, there are no ongoing events just yet, but if a recent performance from Albuquerque solo-acoustic musician Randy Abeyta is any indication, the venue’s willingness to provide something for everyone is alive and well. Abeyta totally floored me with his throwback indie jams, and his intricate guitar work was like being transported to 1999, a feat that spurred me to dig up my Promise Ring and Cap’n Jazz records for a serious cry-fest. It was a little sad that nobody beyond the night’s other bands saw his set, and I sure hope we can get him back up here soon.

And since we’re bar-hoppin’, it’s good to know The Matador provides an excellent night of music with Thomas Hyde, AKA F Digital (9 pm, no cover).

“I spin everything from Howlin’ Wolf to Johnny Burnette, and if you come between midnight to 2 am, you’re almost guaranteed to hear some hip-shakers,” Hyde says.

In addition to blues, soul and rockabilly, homeboy also provides one of the only events for local punk-rock fans to hear jams from multiple decades.

“A friend of mine in San Francisco gave me The Saints’ (I’m) Stranded and I never looked back,” he continues. “I don’t really stick with a theme, so if you only come to hear one specific genre of music, you might be disappointed.”

Trust us, ese, me ’n‘ your new legion of fans will hardly be saddened by too much variety. 


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