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Summer Guide 2013

93 Days of Summer; 93 Ways to Enjoy Them

June 11, 2013, 12:00 am

76. Get naked

I happen to be lucky enough to have a walled-in back patio, but even if you’re not that lucky, summer’s the perfect time to bask in the sun wearing only your birthday suit. Just don’t forget the sunblock, and please don’t do it on the Plaza. But if you can find somewhere private up in them hills…just sayin’. (AS)

77. Let your hair down

Minesh Bacrania

Actually, this is a six-step process. Step 1: Go to Doodlet’s (120 Don Gaspar Ave., 983-3771). Step 2: Try not to be distracted by all of the amazing pranks you could do if you bought the whoopee cushion, fake poop, etc. Step 3: Mind over matter, you have succeeded in buying yourself some kick-ass sunglasses (preferably the kind that come with a fake mustache attached to the bottom). Step 4: Get a friend to come by and pick you up in his/her convertible (or any car with a sunroof, really). Step 5: Put on the glasses, let down your hair, stick your hands up in the air (or through the sunroof) and yell, “I’m the king of the world!” Step 6: Enjoy the gorgeous drive up to Tesuque Village Market (138 Tesuque Village Road, 988-8848), park, get a table on the patio, and order two silver coin margaritas. Got it? (AS)


78. Make time for Girl Time

Not that we at SFR are experts—quite the opposite; journalists are known for being socially awkward—but one thing we lady-journos do know is that Girl Time is essential to survival. And it’s really pretty easy to organize: Just find out when Vanilla Pop is playing, and be there. Since you’ll be required to dance all crazy to songs ranging from the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” to Nine Inch Nails’ “I Want to Fuck You Like an Animal,” we recommend you stop by the Palace Restaurant & Saloon (142 W Palace Ave., 428-0690) for a stiff drink beforehand. With any luck, that’s exactly where the band will be. (AS)


79. …and Man Night.

Let’s admit it: Despite the fact that the women outnumber the men here, Santa Fe does Old Boys’ Club pretty damn well. Enjoy a steak and a Scotch at The Bull Ring (150 Washington Ave., Ste. 108, 983-3328); if owner Harry Georgeades is there, he’ll personally see to your every need. Afterward, head to Primo Cigar Shop (328 Sandoval St., 954-1168) for some stogies. (AS)


80. Be kind to your four-legged friends…

Courtesy of Steve

…and take them to the dog park! Frank S Ortiz Park (corner of Camino de Las Crucitas and La Loma Vista) allows dogs to roam off-leash on its expansive (but, be warned, often dusty) grounds. Stay for 20 minutes, and you’re virtually guaranteed an exhausted pooch. (AS)


81. Go to college

Our local Santa Fe Community College (6401 S Richards Ave., 428-1000) is truly a hidden gem, with affordable noncredit, continuing-ed classes ranging from breadmaking and visual arts to creative writing, “Yoga for Insomnia” and animal tracking. The best part? It’s all surprisingly affordable. (AS)


82. Feel the pasión

If you haven’t been yet (or even if you have), try the famous flamenco dinner show at El Farol (808 Canyon Road, 983-9912). Tapas, wine, sensuous Spanish dancing—what’s not to love? (AS)


83. Get to know a ghost

You’re bound to find a few ghosts in the country’s oldest capital city, and several local guides can show you exactly where they’re hiding. Call Santa Fe native Allan Pacheco (986-5002 or 231-1336; for a private ghost (or just historical) tour. Peter Sinclaire (983-7774) also leads tours departing from Collected Works Bookstore and the Hotel St. Francis Saturday evenings, and Allan “Tex” Wheeler (986-8388) leaves from the Hilton and Eldorado hotels every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. (AS)

84. Picnic at the rose park

In 1966, the city was deeded a piece of land that made the Amelia White Park (Old Santa Fe Trail and Camino Corrales) an official public park. The deed stipulated: “flowers and vegetation will be cultivated and irrigated,” and to this day, the park—small, sweet and quiet—is one of the most beautiful rose gardens in Santa Fe. Pack a picnic, and stop and smell the roses. (MRC)


85. Grow something

Even in the desert, things grow in the summertime. Why not try it? If you don’t have a garden or a piece of desert earth, buy a bag of soil, cut it open the long way, and plant your seeds, baby basil, wildflowers—or, whatever, take your pick! You’ll have the best luck at Plants of the Southwest (3095 Agua Fria St., 438-8888), which specializes in drought- and desert-tolerant varieties. (MRC)


86. Beer + wilderness = fun!

Eric Schirtzinger

When I first moved to New Mexico, I was invited to go on a hike with a couple of new acquaintances. A former backpacking guide in Alaska and Wyoming, I considered hiking a serious endeavor—like, let’s see if we can summit at least five mountains today. That’s pretty much the opposite of what my new friends had in mind. After a short saunter halfway up Taos’ Devisadero Trail, my new friends stopped at a rocky outcropping, reached into their backpacks, and pulled out three cans of Tecate—and I learned about a world of relaxation I’d never even imagined. This summer, take a couple of people whose company you enjoy, head up one of our local trails, sit down, and chill out. There’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot day with the scent of pine and juniper all around. (AS)


87. Get Georgia on your mind

Ghost Ranch (877-804-4678;, Georgia O’Keeffe’s beautiful, red-desert home in Abiquiu, might make you want to take up painting, too. The 21,000-acre ranch offers horseback rides, walking tours, archeology, paleontology and history tours, and rope courses, to boot. (MRC)


88. Untether for a day

Unplug the computer, the cell phone, the iPad, the…all the things that keep you connected, anxious, busy. And, for a day, enjoy being unreachable and free—and not watched by the NSA. (MRC)


89. Be a baller

In Italy, it’s bocce; in France, it’s boule; but whatever, it’s a great game for the New Mexico desert, where we have sand and clay and dry desert dirt (try it in an arroyo!). Bring some friends, some food, some wine, beer and water, and throw some balls. (MRC)


90. Take a dip in the swimming hole

Wouldn’t the perfect thing in this dry desert heat be a dip in a swimming hole? Too bad we don’t have a swimming hole, right? Well, we do, and it’s close—somewhere near the top of Upper Canyon Road. But like Forrest Fenn, that’s the only hint I’ll give. (MRC)


91. Take the Rail Runner to Albuquerque

For $9 (full-fare online price; $11 on the train; discounts available) you can rail-run away to Albuquerque and escape Santa Fe for a day. Go to the movies, a bar, a restaurant or Old Town. (MRC)


92. Now that you’re an expert on wine…

Mia Rose Carbone

Hit up happy hour at either of Santa Fe’s best-kept not-really-secrets: La Boca (72 W Marcy St., 982-3433) or Taberna (125 Lincoln Ave., Ste. 117, 988-7102) for half-price tapas and wine specials from 3-5 pm daily. The atmosphere is always convivial, and a $2 bowl of marinated olives pairs perfectly with an afternoon glass of sangria. (AS)


93. Find balance

Yoga is everywhere in Santa Fe. Why not try it just this once? Check out Body of Santa Fe (333 Cordova Road, 986-0362), Santa Fe Community Yoga Center (826 Camino de Monte, 820-9363), Yoga Santa Fe (1505 Llano St., 982-6369), Yoga Source Santa Fe (901 W San Mateo, 982-0990) or Prajna Yoga (11 Toltec Road, 988-5248). These are just a few of Santa Fe’s yoga offerings, so there must be something to it. (MRC)

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