Sept. 23, 2017

Eight Days A Week (Well, Six)

SFR's 2013 Bar Guide

April 23, 2013, 12:00 am

A Santa Fe classic, where locals and celebrities share a stage: Michele Leidig’s Cowgirl Karaoke: 8 pm. Cowgirl, 319 S Guadalupe St., 982-2565

A midweek rehearsal for regulars: DJ 3-D Entertainment Karaoke: 8 pm. Low ’n Slow Lowrider Bar, 125 Washington Ave., 988-4900

The hottest competition north of Camel Rock: Karaoke Contest with DJ FresKez: 8 pm. QBs Sports Bar, 68 Cities of Gold, 455-4201

A low-key hole-in-the-wall: Karaoke with DJ Chava: 8:30 pm. Molly’s Kitchen & Lounge,  1611 Calle Lorca, 983-7577

More classy, but less classic, than Cowgirl: Michele Leidig’s Limelight Karaoke: 8:30 pm. The Palace, 142 W Palace Ave., 428-0690

A higher-energy repeat of Tuesday: DJ 3-D Entertainment Karaoke: 8 pm. Low ‘n Slow Lowrider Bar, 125 Washington Ave., 988-4900

Alternate Fridays: officers and veterans hit the town;
Cops and slots: DJ 3-D Entertainment Karaoke: 9 pm, April 26. FOP, 3300 Calle Maria Luisa, 471-9060

Vets and cigarettes: DJ 3-D Entertainment Karaoke: 8 pm, May 1. VFW, 307 Montezuma Ave., 983-9405

Family night: Nanci and Cyndy’s Showcase Karaoke: 8:30 pm. Tiny’s, 1005 St. Francis Drive, Ste. 117, 983-9817

The Sabbath; toil not.

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