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Questionable Apparel

Or: how I learned to stop worrying and take my girlfriend’s advice on clothing

June 20, 2012, 12:00 am

 A year ago, I didn’t own a single suit. My clothing options for job interviews were limited to a single pair of denim jeans, plain-colored running shoes and three wrinkled button-up shirts. Quickly! I thought. I must rectify this! Several hundred dollars later, my wardrobe is presentable and my girlfriend is less embarrassed to be seen with me in public. Then I began to notice something.  I have spent time on both the east and west coasts, so I’ve witnessed both styles of “business casual,” but the good folks of  Santa Fe dress, well, differently. And not just the die-hard Occupy activists or faux-homeless cliques of my generation (I apologize on their behalf), but even the everyday, sun-loving patrons of the oldest capital in the US show off an individuality in their apparel that appears to be widely accepted. As a person who possesses very little fashion sense already, this anomaly confused me further. As such, I turn to SFR editorial intern Tescia Schell. As a Santa Fe native and fashion blogger, she is well positioned to interpret and decipher the various “styles” and “looks” gracing the City Different. (I used the words style and looks in the correct context, didn’t I?)
 (R Harrison Dilday)

Bright colors are a common summer trend, especially in Santa Fe.


Sometimes you just have to let out your inner kid.


Ah, tourists. They never fail to dress as if meandering about the Plaza were an 80-mile hike.


This is a hipster, an interesting creation of natural selection that may still prove to be an evolutionary failure.



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