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Wet Hot Art Summer

An insider’s guide to the best (and worst) of Santa Fe’s art scene

July 6, 2011, 2:00 am

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

July 8-10
Museum Hill
Camino Lejo, 992-7600
Estimated attendance: 22,000

Highlight: Probably the highest number of non-Americans in Santa Fe.
Hazard: Appreciation/appropriations dilemmas.
How to explain it to Grandma: Don’t call it craftseven if they do. It’s cooler than that.

Folk art ascended institutional walls years ago. Santa Fe International Folk Art Marketand its associated museum, for that matterformed not only to confirm the elevation of the genre, but also to elevate the artists behind it. Now in its eighth year, the Folk Art Market hosts more than 150 artists from 50 countries, many of which are developing nations that house the world’s poorest populations. Last year, 90 percent of the $2 million generated from the fair went to artists from around the world. The festival funds complete trips for 30 artists and provides many of them with translating services as well as lessons on selling goods and pricing so artists can “speak for themselves,” publicist Clare Hertel says. The market is a colorful event, with artists decked out in their native garb. This year’s celebration commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with a free concert at the Railyard that includes international food, art and music. At the market itself, expect a worldwide array of artworktapestries, beadwork, sculpturethat, according to Hertel, has become even more eclectic as artists learn techniques from their counterparts across oceans. This year’s featured artist is Haiti’s Mireille Delismé, who supports herself and her family making sequined voodoo flags. See what she and the rest of the world’s unsung artists have to offer.

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