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Illustration by Adrian Hashimi

Choose Your Own (Bar) Adventure

SFR's 2011 guide to navigating Santa Fe's nightlife

January 19, 2011, 1:00 am

There’s no shortage of complaints about nightlife in Santa Fe, but try and wedge all the great bars, clubs, lounges, dives and dance halls into a few pages, and it becomes apparent there’s a lot going on here—more than we can possibly include in one week’s worth of paper.

What follows then is an amended adventure through some of SFR’s favorite bars and haunts. There’s also a breakdown of the pros and cons of various transportation choices, a word from After Hours Alliance coordinator Shannon Murphy on de-stigmatizing nightlife and a basic chart to remind you that just a few drinks should put you in the mood to trade your car keys for a cab ride.

Choose your own adventure (find bars alphabetically) through Santa Fe’s nightlife, and you’ll stop thinking there’s nowhere grand to go for a good time.

For social networking fools and geolocating lushes, SFR has created several "trips" to take via Gowalla.

To tour the best cocktails, click HERE.

To tour the best live music, click HERE.

To tour the best beer, click HERE.

To tour the best happy hours, click HERE.

To tour the best bar food, click HERE.

Begin your adventure on the next page using the following key to tip you off to each bar's particular attributes...

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