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Gift Guide 2010

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December 8, 2010, 1:00 am


Ring in the New Year
One doesn’t have to drink cocktails to enjoy the huge assortment of cocktail rings (prices vary, but all are less than $35) at Lorreen International Emporium (213 Galisteo St., 983-2800). Encourage your friends to quit cluttering up necks and ears with baubles, and use hands to communicate their impeccable taste. The best part of this downtown jewelry store is that you’d be hard-pressed to find anything for more than $100, and the selection is out-of-this-world.

You know that friend who hates doing laundry and, as a result, tends to think that the longer a garment spends in a pile on the floor, the cleaner it gets, and can then be worn again after approximately two weeks? Well, at Le Bon Voyage (328 S. Guadalupe St., 986-1260), when it comes to the essentials, that grody friend is all set. Onederwear underwear ($10.95) and socks ($9.95) are 100 percent cotton, 100 percent biodegradable and 100 percent disposable. Wear ’em and throw ’em away. No laundry required. But if that friend decides he or she actually does know how to use a washer, these aren’t strictly one-time-use. Teach a man to fish…

What Time Is It?
Even your most clueless companion can always know the hour with the coolest watch on the block. Even 95 feet underwater (scuba divers, listen up), it keeps on tickin’. Well, as much as a digital display can tick, that is. These gel watches ($20) at Cupcake (328 Montezuma Ave., 988-4744) are unisex and low-profile, and so much hipper than that lame Movado you gave last year.

Keep Warm
Those little teddy bear hats and bunny rabbit beanies are cute and all, but they’re everywhere. You know what you never see? A robot! A cyclops! A walrus! Oh, wait…Check these out! The Good Stuff (325 W. San Francisco St., 795-1939) carries fun hats and mittens for both adults ($26) and kids ($24). They’re high-quality and super-warm thanks to an extra fleece lining.

Party On
Jewelry is fun to wear but, really, it’s the jewelers who get to have all the fun. The secret of jewelry-making is out, though, at Crown Jewels (201 E. Palace Ave., 992-8300). Bring all your friends into one of the friendliest downtown stores for a jewelry-making party with the expert resident artists. Instruction is only $15 per hour (so yes, that means a two-hour party is only $30!), plus the cost of any supplies your group uses—though you’re welcome to bring your own. But who would want to use their own when the shop has such an awesome selection of beads, charms and shiny things? Call the shop to schedule your grand soiree.

Cruelty-Free Fashion
Vegan jackets (as pictured, $78-$142) from Mira Apparel, Furniture and Folkart (101 W. Marcy St., 988-3585) come at the expense of no animal, but look and feel like high-quality buttery leather. Whether the animal lover in your life is into a deconstructed, wrinkly look or a more tailored cropped blazer, there’s something for every taste on Mira’s racks.

We All Shine On
At Talulah (129 W. Water St., 983-6573), the specialty is retro-inspired dresses but, here and there, the store also features a fantastic contemporary design that we can’t resist. The Angie sequined tunic ($69) is technically a dress, but you have to have a serious pair of legs to pull off what would be a mini-mini dress. Our advice? Pair it with some leggings and hit the town for all the holiday parties on your list.

Winter Blooms
Full Bloom Boutique (70 W. Marcy St., 988-9648), one of Santa Fe’s newest and prettiest clothing stores, is full of luxurious fabrics, hand-crafted clothes and—our favorite part—intricate embroidery. This reversible embroidered coat ($399.99) hangs beautifully, flatters any figure and is sure to turn heads in either black (shown) or brown.

Loominate Elegance
Loominus chenille scarves ($265) are hand-woven and hand-picked by the uber-classy staff at Robert R Bailey Clothiers (150 Washington Ave., 983-8803), so you know they’ve gotta be good. The incredibly soft scarves may be in a men’s clothing store, but they’d flatter the ladies as well. The vibrant colors and patterns of herringbone and plaid are pretty much everywhere you turn in the store, so get ready to be forced to choose between your favorites.

Oh Baby
High fashion comes to the high desert via Daniella (500 Market St., 988-2399). In addition to super-chic clothing, shoes and handbags geared toward the ladies, Daniella also stocks King Baby jewelry ($90-$327), suitable for any gender you may encounter. Skulls, crowns, guns and hearts are bedecked in brilliant gemstones and polished silver, and are pretty much the most badass pendants in town.

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