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Changing of the Garde

Three new aces take the reins at Santa Fe's contemporary art institutions

August 18, 2010, 1:00 am

Tips from Santa Fe Arts Veterans

What’s the most important consideration for a new leader of a Santa Fe arts organization? SFR queried current leaders for their takes:

Santa Fe Art Institute

1600 St. Michael’s Drive
Annual Budget: approximately $700,000
Membership: approximately 200
Attendance: 8,000 to 9,000 a year

Executive Director: Diane R Karp
Began: September 2001
“Ultimately, a new executive director or director is responsible for being true to the mission of the institution and making it possible for programs of that institution to meet that mission…that means inspiring not only staff but inspiring the community around you. It means connecting institutions to the larger community and, hopefully, in a way that is collaborative so that…the arts and broader community are best-served.”

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

217 Johnson St.
Annual Budget: $6.2 million
Membership: 2,000
Attendance: 160,017

Director: Robert Kret
Began: October 2009
“It’s important to understand not only the art institution you are leading but, also, the uniqueness of this community. I’ve spent a lot of time reaching out and getting to know leaders in the community, both in and out of the arts, to try and learn how the O’Keeffe Museum can create a positive impact for economic impact and quality of life in Santa Fe, as well as all of New Mexico.”

Museum of Contemporary Native Art

108 Cathedral Place
Annual Budget: nearly $1 million
Membership: 1,200
Attendance: approximately 50,000 a year

Director: Patsy Phillips
Began: August 2008
“I think what’s most important as a director is staying true to representing the art you’re in charge of, the art itself. Because it best represents not only institutions in Santa Fe, but also nationally. Because that’s how institutions are really judged in the end.”

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