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$ and Circumstance

Indicators: June 2

June 2, 2010, 12:00 am
 4.4% is the increase in average annual private college prices.

6.5% is the increase in average annual public college prices.

"Not be in debt from college."—Sophia, Capital High School senior, in response to SFR’s question: “What’s the main thing you’d like to achieve in your first year out of high school?”

It’s graduation season—a time of spring, raging hormones and high-school parties. For now, euphoria runs high but, come fall, some seniors must take a cautious approach to their education plans. As the economy continues to founder, college costs continue to rise. SFR queried Santa Fe graduating seniors (in person and via email) to see what they think of graduating in a recession.

What are your plans for next year?

“I’m going to UNM to study pre-med.”
—Sophia, Capital High

“I am attending Princeton University.”
—Caitlin, Santa Fe Prep

“Attend UNM & find a field I enjoy.”
—Savannah, Capital High

“Santa Fe Community College”
—Sergio, Capital High

To what degree has the economy affected your plans?

“It has affected me a lot: My dad took a major pay cut, challenging my college fund.”
 —Savannah, Capital High

“Not much.”
—Sergio, Capital High

“A LOT. It’s made me think more about attending a city/community college rather than a liberal arts school that’s $60,000 a year.”
—Madeleine, Santa Fe Prep

“I need to get a second job.”
—Adrian, Capital High

“The economy has not affected where I am going to school, as a high level of education is something that is very important to my family. It has, however, resulted in my application to multiple merit scholarships.”
—Caitlin, Santa Fe Prep

“A lot. I couldn’t find a job for about two years.”
—Isaiah, Capital High


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