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Robert Jones

Tough Cookie

In Brief

May 26, 2010, 12:00 am
“I’m on some wonderful cookies now,” Las Vegas, NM, medical marijuana patient Robert Jones tells SFR. “We made five pounds of butter; they’re consistent as heck. I just gotta take better care of myself.”

That’s a far cry from last week, when Jones—a cancer patient and very vocal advocate for New Mexico’s medical cannabis program—sent an email detailing “the most serious health event of my career.” Fortunately, he’s back to his old self: the man who still hasn’t tired of badgering the state Department of Health to improve the medical cannabis program.

Jones’ complaints have been the same for some time: that there’s no distribution system and a dearth of state-certified medical cannabis growers; the program has effectively been out of cannabis since last year. In February, Jones was blacklisted by one producer for speaking about those problems to SFR.

But things may be looking up. Jones says he’s heard that the DOH plans to approve more cannabis producers this September, though a DOH spokeswoman would not confirm to SFR that this is the case.

Regardless, Jones says he’ll get medicine where he can.

“We medical marijuana patients are a compassionate bloc, and we’ll help each other out come hell or high water,” Jones says. “Thank God for that.” And for cookies.


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