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Judging the Judges

SFR queries this season’s contenders

May 12, 2010, 12:00 am

Yvonne K. Quintana, 43 (Division V)


1. I have engaged in a general law practice handling all types of cases in all areas of the law. By engaging in this broadly scoped type of law practice, I have acquired experience, which uniquely qualifies me for this position. The docket assigned to Division V, is one, which encompasses criminal, family and civil cases out of Rio Arriba County and my general practice background will be an asset to this docket.


My experience includes the following:

LICENSURE: Member, in good standing, New Mexico State Bar Association, since October 25, 1995. New Mexico State Bar Number 8324. Member, in good standing with Santa Clara Pueblo Tribal Court, Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Court, and Isleta Pueblo Court.GENERAL PRACTICE: Solo practitioner since October 25, 1995, engaging in the general practice of law. This practice includes handling a broad variety of cases in many areas of law, including but not limited to the following:

DOMESTIC RELATIONS: Representation of individuals in matters concerning divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, etc., including representation of individuals, families and children in matters related to Domestic Violence. Counsel has addressed issues related to the Indian Child Welfare Act, cultural and religious ceremony participation for Native American children in many divorce or family law cases. Counsel has handled contempt proceedings in domestic relations proceedings for both Petitioners and Respondents, for failure to abide by orders of the Court.

CRIMINAL LAW: Representation of both adult and juvenile Defendants in a variety of criminal proceedings on misdemeanors and felonies, including DWI, Assault and Battery, Criminal Domestic Violence, Resisting or Evading an Officer, Criminal Contempt, Shoplifting, Drug Possession, Vehicular Homicide, Criminal Sexual Contact,  etc. Emphasis in criminal representation has been in DWI matters. I have extensive knowledge concerning the implied consent requirements and procedures, which are required in properly effectuating these types of arrests and defending them in court. Representation of defendants has also involved transfer of adult and juvenile cases to Tribal Court for resolution of criminal matters in Tribal Court.

SCHOOL LAW: For a period of nine years, I represented the Espanola Public School District and at times the Mesa Vista Consolidated School District, in all matters excepting those, which are handled by the insurance authority. Representation of the School District included preparation and review of contracts and agreements, personnel matters and providing general legal advice concerning school matters to the Board of Education, Administrators and school personnel, as needed. Legal advice was provided to the Board of Education and administration concerning school law issues, procurement, the Open Meetings Act, personnel matters, board policies and any other legal issues which arose in the daily operations of the District including Special Education matters.

REAL ESTATE: All types of matters involving real estate, including litigation concerning ownership, title, boundaries, and easements. Preparation of real estate agreements, construction contracts, and other documents relating to land and its development. Representation of individuals involved in the development of commercial and residential properties, before local zoning authorities and municipalities. This type of representation has included both presentations in favor of the development, as well as, in opposition to development. Representation of Municipalities in the acquisition and/or sale of real property interests.

PROBATE AND ESTATE LAW: Preparation of estate plans which include Trusts and other testamentary documents and handling of probate proceedings.

CONSTRUCTION LAW: Representation of Municipal clients in capitol improvements including drafting and negotiating or reviewing contracts with engineers, architects and contractors. Representation of construction companies in matters related to the operation of their business, including the handling of complaints filed before the Construction Industries Division of the State of New Mexico; preparation and filing of liens and releases of liens, for the collection of fees due to contractors; and preparation of contracts for contractors entering into both residential and commercial construction agreements. Representing individuals in complaints against contractors for failure to provide the services, which were contracted, for or for their failure to provide services, which meet the standards of the industry and comply with code requirements. Representation of contractors in disputes with developers, architects and designers over the interpretation of plans and compliance with the contents of contracts, plans and design drawings. In this regard, her two years experience as an Architectural Draftsman is helpful in the understanding and interpretation of plan requirements.

EMPLOYMENT LAW: Representation of Municipal and School District Clients in defending employment cases including termination hearings, disciplinary actions, grievance hearings, EEOC claims, civil rights and sexual harassment claims. Representation of employee clients in disputes arising through their employment, including wrongful termination, discrimination, civil rights violations, etc. Representation has included representing both employers, employees before governmental entities and municipalities at hearings held under personnel policies, which were applicable in the individual cases. These hearings included grievances and disciplinary actions, which are heard first administratively.

MUNICIPAL LAW: I was appointed as Village Attorney for the Village of Chama, and r

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