Sept. 25, 2016
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Sweat 2009

It’s time to push your body/mind/spirit.

September 2, 2009, 12:00 am

Badasses rule this year’s edition of Sweat.
There’s ANK Martial Arts owner Natalie Roy, who’s been a black belt since she was 14 years old and whose kickboxing classes can be strangely addictive. Jan Bear is an orthopedic surgeon who also happens to be an accomplished adventure racer; he wants to inspire New Mexicans to take advantage of the state’s natural beauty—that’s why he co-founded Team Santa Fe Adventure Racing. Professional fighter Tait Fletcher believes everyone, regardless of age or fitness, can transcend his or her self-limitations when it comes to physical fitness.

Not quite ready to incorporate kickboxing, jujitsu or multisport races into your fitness routine? No worries. There are lots of other options in this edition for those looking to break up their daily/weekly/monthly exercise regiments and try something new (or something old—when was the last time you got on a skateboard? Ever thought about fencing? Think about it. Gotta stay outdoors? Wilderness lovers may want to consider becoming part of the network of volunteers that brings lost hikers home.
Of course, with winter on its way, everyone wants to soak up as much outdoor time as possible. We’ve got the lowdown on the city’s parks, the area’s ski and snowboarding options and a few athletic accoutrements you may want to pick up as a reward for all the hard work ahead.

Kickin’ It
Straight to the punch: Kickbocking rocks

Dharma or Bust
The road to enlightenment sometimes ends at a bar

A Raw Deal
A raw diet is more than just sprouts and fruit juice

Adventures in Wonderland
New Mexico’s adventure racing community has something for everyone

Lost and Found
Search and Rescue groups save the day when hikers lose their way

Telepathy and Trickery
Fencing is all about mind games—and sharp objects

Fightin’ Chance
MMA gym offers intensity, in both workout and support

Mental Muscles
Getting back on a skateboard isn’t like getting back on a bike. Or is it?

For Your Outer Athlete
Check out must-have buys no matter your sport


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