Feb. 26, 2017

Best Sushi

’Cuz That’s How We Roll

July 22, 2009, 12:00 am

1 Shohko Café
321 Johnson St.

The food at Shohko is a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. There is a distinct emphasis on presentation at this tranquil downtown restaurant near the O’Keeffe Museum.

Glistening pieces of fish are elegantly posed in the shapes of animals, with leaves for wings, fins, antennae. The sushi menu is a joy for adventurous eaters, with delicacies like monkfish liver (the foie gras of the sea) and fatty tuna. The rolls are fun, too, and you’ll find familiar favorites such as dragon rolls, spider rolls and, of course, one with tempura-battered green chile. For an adventure, ask for the chef’s choice special roll. Your vegan friends can nibble among the rolls filled with avocado, cucumber, pickled daikon radish and mushrooms. When you’re not in the mood for sushi, check out the rest of the menu. You’ll find far more than the usual noodle soup and pork cutlet. Shohko tempts refined palates with dishes like panko-crusted calamari salad and a wildly indulgent Kobe beef steak.

Sake lovers will be amazed by the extensive selection. This is definitely the place to settle in for a night of sake tastings.

2 Kohnami, 313 S. Guadalupe St., 505-984-2002

3 Osaka, 3501 Zafarano Drive, 505-471-6698


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