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Best Place for Karaoke

—C’mon, Everybody’s Doing It  

July 22, 2009, 12:00 am

1 Cowgirl
319 S. Guadalupe St.

Cowgirl Karaoke’s legacy has stretched for more than six years now and, for more than three of those years, it’s been Michéle Leidig at the mic, hosting the busiest night at the bar. “I’m a singer without a band,” Leidig says of her propensity for karaoke. In addition to the sweet $3 beer special, Monday nights bring out regular locals and visiting talent alike.

The community table of regulars that forms every night helps set the mood just as much as some of Cowgirl’s more high-profile guests; Cowgirl Karaoke played host to the talents of Javier Bardem while he was filming No Country for Old Men, and Chris Kattan reportedly needs a few drinks in him before he’ll bust out a tune or two. As rowdy as the crowd may get, Leidig keeps it positive.

“If I catch anyone heckling, I go over and say, ‘We don’t do that here.’ I feel like a therapist!” Local musicians come by to let loose and career karaoke competitors bring their best game to the stage but, Leidig says, “Half the crowd that comes doesn’t even sing.” Perennial favorites include Love Shack, Bohemian Rhapsody and anything from the huge country repertoire, so get your performing clothes on and head downtown for a night of belting and beers.

2 Tiny’s Restaurant and Lounge, 1015 Pen Road, 505-983-9817

3 Catamount Bar & Grille, 125 E. Water St., 505-988-7222



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