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Democratic presidential candidate and US Sen. Barack Obama speaks to thousands last February at Santa Fe Community College. Photo: Alex Krause


SFR’s guide to the most important election you better vote in

October 21, 2008, 12:00 am

The Nov. 4. 2008 election is less than two weeks away and, if you’re like us, not a moment too soon. This political season feels as though it has been almost as exhausting for the public as it has for the candidates. Between the blogosphere, the 24/7 news cycle and YouTube, the past year is swiftly becoming a mentally-debilitating blur of speeches, debates, parodies and punditry.

(Now, if you’re just tuning in…congratulations! You must have a life.)

As a so-called swing state, New Mexico’s five electoral votes could be very important come election day. And from the calls we’ve been getting, it seems as though many of you are ready and anxious to cast your ballots. That’s why, in response to numerous requests from readers who wanted more information on the lower-ballot issues, we are publishing our endorsements ahead of election week for the first time. (We also will publish an abbreviated recap in the Oct. 29 edition.) You’ll find our recommendations for this year’s constitutional amendments, as well as Santa Fe County and New Mexico bonds and endorsements for Judicial retention.

You also will find our take on US Senate, US Congress, District 3 and the controversial Public Regulation Commission race for District 3 on pages 17, 19 and 20.

In addition to our endorsements, we’ve tried to provide you with extra resources and information both in the edition and online.

You’ll find phone numbers for assistance with voting matters. There's also a rundown of the precincts. Look for video and audio interviews with candidates, documents detailing the constitutional amendments and bond projects, links to the candidates’ Web sites and more.

We realize you don’t need us to tell you to vote this year (or, if you do, here it is: Vote!). We will continue blogging this political season at Please give us your updates from the campaign trail and, most of all, if you’re not doing anything election night, come join us at The Catamount Bar & Grill. We’ll be there starting at 7 pm and we’re not leaving until we have a new president…here’s hoping we don’t have to sleep there!

US President
SFR Pick: Barack Obama, Democrat

US Senate
SFR Pick: Tom Udall, Democrat
with extra web content

US Congress, District 3
SFR Pick: Ben Ray Luján, Democrat
with extra web content

Public Regulation Commission, District 3
SFR Pick: Rick Lass, Green Party
with extra web content

SFR recommendations for judicial retentions

SFR Picks for amendments on the ballot

SFR’s roundup of tax and bond questions

List of Polling Locations in .pdf format


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