April 28, 2016

Best Local Independent Coffee/Tea House 2008

When You Can’t Be Part of the Chain Gang

July 24, 2008, 12:00 am
1 Java Joe’s
2801 Rodeo Road #B8

DeVargas Center
604 N. Guadalupe St.

Southsiders have been loyal to Java Joe’s for years. It’s not just the strong coffee, the tasty Chai, the bagels and the pastries (although those things are, indeed, selling points). But what makes Java Joe’s beloved is its independent coffeehouse flavor, exemplified with free Wi-Fi, local art on the walls and always-friendly service. That’s why it was such good news when owners Dave and Colleen Merriman opened their second location, downtown, last September, giving coffee and independence lovers alike a second option for their daily java than that white-cupped corporate coffee on the other side of the DeVargas Center. Hey, sometimes corporate coffee is your only option. Like, say when you’re stuck in some Midwestern airport and your flight has been delayed by eight hours and you’ve already eaten gummy barbecued pork and read all of US Weekly and sat in the massage chair at Brookstone. But this is Santa Fe, and you’re not trapped in an airport.

2 Ohori’s Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate
1098½ S. St. Francis Drive

3 Santa Fe Baking Company
504 W. Cordova Road


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