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Best Place to Go Dancing 2008

Salsa, Hip-Hop, Line Dancing, Whatever!

July 24, 2008, 12:00 am
1 El Farol
808 Canyon Road

Venues may come and go in Santa Fe, but the ones that make it really make it. Take El Farol for instance. The restaurant and saloon first opened in 1835—yep, that’s 173 years ago—and has been going strong ever since. The funky low bar makes the place feel like a throwback, but it’s the dance floor and the Latin-infused music that really gets people moving. “One of the things we want to do is to make each particular night unique” owner David Salazar says. So Salazar starts with Monday, sets a tone that’s consistent week after week and moves on to Tuesday. Before he knows it, a week full of music that people can come back to over and over again is in place. “If the bands go on vacation the audience gets upset,” Salazar says jokingly about his repeat clientele, some of whom have been hitting the floor since Salazar started music more than 20 years ago, just a year after he bought the joint.

2 Santa Fe Brewing Company
35 Fire Place

3 Fusion
135 W. Palace Ave.


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