Dec. 6, 2016

Cloud Cliff Bakery, Café, Artspace

October 26, 2005, 12:00 am
It's always Sunday at Cloud Cliff. Not literally, of course, but this is a Santa Fe institution that, no matter what day of the week, has the I'm-drinking-my-coffee-and-reading-my-paper-brunch vibe mastered. Part of it is the sunny ambiance, the art-filled walls, the anti-nuke petitions invariably found at the cashier. But mostly it's the wholesome fresh-baked bread displayed and served with organic ***image1***aplomb. Owner Willem Malten was a key player in the creation of the Northern New Mexico Organic Wheat Project, and that commitment to the staff of life is in full evidence at Malten's restaurant. A favorite breakfast item, for example, is the benedict, made with either ham and tomato or spinach and tomato but, most importantly, served on an airy herb ciabatta bread. The mind-altering French toast can be made with either purple walnut levain bread, challah or cinnamon raisin (and it's encrusted in organic Amaranth granola). But to be clear, Cloud Cliff isn't just about breakfast foods; lunch there is pretty fabulous as well, and the menu is both ever-evolving and eclectic. Where else could you order both spanakopita and red beans and rice and count on both to be made with the freshest and most organic ingredients around? And be delicious? Don't bother racking your brain; Cloud Cliff's one of a kind.

1805 Second St., 983-6254.
Breakfast and lunch daily. $


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