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Web Check: DJAY 2.1

May 28, 2008, 12:00 am
At first it seems gimmicky-computer software designed to look and work like a turntable. A touch of the mouse moves the needles back and forth over the "records" (spinning circular images of album covers pulled from iTunes) and a pared-down mixer allows for adjustments in gain, highs and lows.
It seems like a gimmick because the aesthetic quality of turntables is part of their appeal. It's just more interesting to see a DJ flip through vinyl than to scroll through a list on a laptop. But with djay 2.1, only the person working with the software can see it. However, it is that aesthetic simplicity that makes the program easy to use.

Unlike a program such as Traktor, which has far more versatility, djay 2.1 isn't intimidating to beginners. Within a few minutes bedroom DJs can begin mixing tracks together and creating simple effects, such as scratches, loops and reverse. It's not the program for a full set out at a bar or dance club, but as an addition to a variety of instruments or as an easy way to practice at home without pulling out heavy and expensive gear, it's worth the small download price.

DJAY 2.1


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