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Light Speed Champion: Falling Off The Lavender Bridge

February 20, 2008, 12:00 am
Lightspeed Champion offers up an important, and all too clichéd, lesson: Never, never, never judge an album by its cover.
Falling Off The Lavender Bridge, by Lightspeed Champion, the new project by the former Test Icicle, Devonte Hynes, boasts song titles like "Everyone I Know is Listening to Crunk," "Let the Bitches Die" and "Devil Trick for a Bitch" as part of its cover art. Add to that a man who has floppy emo hair, a Mister Rogers sweater and a bunny clutched in his arms, and it's hard to tell what it's going to sound like, which makes Lavender the perfect album to leave conspicuously on the car seat so music-snob friends will see it and insist that this is/isn't their type of music. Pop it in and said friends will be convinced that what is playing is a completely different album.

It looks crazy. It's not. It's country-tinged alt.indie pop. In addition to Hynes, Lavender boasts the talents of Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott of Bright Eyes and Clark Baechle of The Faint. Lavender sounds like Bright Eyes, with its acoustic guitar, melancholy vocals and self-conscious lyrics. Despite the song titles, which could easily be associated with some kind of ghetto rap, Lavender is filled with sweet love diddies, perfect for sitting alone in a bedroom, lamenting a long lost love.

Falling Off The Lavender Bridge
Domino Records


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