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Daedelus: Live At Low End Theory

February 13, 2008, 12:00 am
Samples piled on top of one another form a collage of sound that flows from one theme to another on Live At Low End Theory. Recorded during the height of summer, Live projects the sweaty dance floor of the LA hotspot.***image1***

DJ and electronica artist Daedelus' live set tosses the sustained beats of so many dance parties into the garbage disposal, and grinds them up into tiny bits. Each song, only a few minutes long, encompasses a wide variety of ideas, which keeps the forward momentum a little chaotic, but it's perfect for the ADD generation. Slow beats create a solid background for the faster, more furious, main ones as the narrative arch of Live races through time at full speed, occasionally slowing down for a short glimpse at the scenery.

At times Live falls into the traps of '90s-style house music: shiny sounds without much depth. But Daedelus quickly pulls a rhyme up and throws it on the top of heap and dissolving the beat while the mind is focused elsewhere. The transitions of Live are at time smooth and unnoticeable, but at others clumpy, as if the artist got derailed from the musical tracks he was travelling along.

Live is a little to sporadic to listen to without moving, but when it comes time to get up and get moving at the speed of light, Daedelus offers up a non-stop train ride.

Live At Low End Theory
Alpha Pup Records


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