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Marah: Angels of Destruction

January 16, 2008, 12:00 am
A band that sells itself as the �last rock �n� roll band� is probably one of two things: deluded or possibly right; the latter seems to be the case with Marah,***image1*** a band whose new album, Angels of Destruction, fine-tunes rock�s dexterous balance of glammed-up blues-based guitar riffs.

Marah is clearly not the last rock �n� roll band, as its music falls somewhere between the Replacements and everyone else. But what it lacks in visionary punch, Destruction makes up for with power and conviction. On its full-length album, Destruction, Marah does nothing it hadn�t already done on its teaser EP, You Can�t Take It With You, released in October 2007. Yet, the 11 tracks on Destruction, including �Angels on a Passing Train� and �Wild West Love Song,� exemplify the band�s vacillation between a roots sound and pre-grunge chords with purposeful weight, a feature spread generously throughout the album.

Angels of Destruction
Yep Roc Records


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