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Hear It: New In ’08

January 9, 2008, 12:00 am
Albums to look forward to.


May 2008
According to the spiffy intro film on the band's Web site, Cutie split its time between three studios over 44 days to record its new, yet untitled, album. Needless to say, it should be worth the download.

April 2008
If it even mildly resembles Document or Life's Rich Pageant, this album should be worth the hype. REM doesn't hold the public's attention as it did in the '90s, as its once-adventurous country/rock sound has stalled over the last decade. Still, a good rock band is a good rock band, and REM might just re-invent itself once again.

Guilty Guilty Guilty
March 2008
The original avant-garde performance-art diva returns with her first studio album since 2004. Look for a brief tour to accompany the release. If Galas plays anywhere even close to Santa Fe, it's time for a road trip.

Rising Down
April 2008
There's very little the Roots can do to tarnish its luster as hip-hop's grand masters unless, of course, the band doesn't stop in New Mexico during its 2008 tour. Rising Down is the follow-up to the 2006 Def Jam release, Game Theory. Look for a pop-ish electronic groove to permeate the new album.

No date for release
The last time No Doubt was on everyone's mind, it was no surprise that its lead singer would venture on to a solo career. Gwen Stefani's 2006 solo album, The Sweet Escape, catapulted her into the stratosphere, but she paid the price with sophomoric songs and a complete absence of depth. The band is currently in the studio and hopes to have a release by the end of the end year.


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