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Performing Arts/ Books: December 12-18

December 12, 2007, 12:00 am
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Naomi Klein, polemicist, muckraker, leftist messiah, radical journalist and watchdog of America's favorite past-time-succumbing to corporations and the governments they control-hits the town for one dialectical historical night. The liberal celebrity promotes her latest anticlimactic attack, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Plainclothes policemen will infiltrate the audience to ensure our safety from ourselves. Peace to the war machine that controls everything!
7 pm Wednesday, Dec. 12. Sold out.
Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., 988-1234

Nobody knows what New Mexico was, is supposed to be or ought to be. Bob Julyan, author of the reference standard Place Names of New Mexico takes us on an educational walk through the cultural misunderstandings and historically preserved names of the forgotten people who once made this place special.
7 pm Wednesday, Dec. 12. Free.
Santa Fe Public Library, Main Branch, 145 Washington Ave., 955-6791

Question: What happened to all the nice local Hispanic people in Santa Fe? Answer: They've all started drinking Starbucks Coffee and moved to Rio Rancho. Manifest Destinies: The Making of the Mexican-American Race, by University of New Mexico professor-at-large Laura E Gomez, plunges academically into the historical development of white dominance in North America as a result of Manifest Destiny, which states that Providence decrees that the white race is destined to rule from sea to shining sea. Let's just hope this examination is less of an apology for compromise, acceptance and acquiescence, and more of an authentic stance against rape, robbery, greed and white supremacy in our beloved pretty little town.
5:30 pm Friday, Dec. 14. Free.
Collected Works Bookstore, 208-B W. San Francisco St., 988-4226

Children's books should never deviate from the moralizing effect they produce when read uncritically. Nito Meets Chloe: The Continuing Tale of an Assistance Dog of the West, published by Sunstone Press and authored by Judith M Newton, tells a tale of courage and true friendship between the psychologically misunderstood. Ali MacGraw reads from the book in honor of all animals that are more compassionate than humans.
3 pm Saturday, Dec. 15. Free.
Collected Works Bookstore, 208-B W. San Francisco St., 988-4226


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Who says state government as an employer is the biggest provider of welfare in New Mexico? People not from here, that's who. The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs and state museums provide two holiday events for the forgotten. A Christmas party at the Palace of the Governors and a procession of Las Posadas around the Plaza. The procession features devils y todo and is guaranteed to keep Hispanic traditions alive and well.
5:30 pm Friday, Dec. 14. Free.
Palace of the Governors, 105 W. Palace Ave., 476-5100;
5:30 pm Sunday, Dec. 16. Free.
Plaza, 476-5087


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Santa Fe Desert Chorale presents a delightful, somber winter festival for the melancholic joviality in all of us. Carols and Choruses and A Merry New Mexico Christmas ring overtones of spiritual, ecstatic passion that the Gregorian Chant connoisseur could envy.
Carols and Choruses: 7:30 pm Wednesday, Dec. 12. $20-$48.
Cristo Rey Catholic Church, 1120 Canyon Road
A Merry New Mexico Christmas: 7:30 pm Wednesday, Friday-Tuesday
Dec. 12, Dec. 14-18. Through Dec. 24.

St. Francis Cathedral, 213 Cathedral Place, 988-1234

***image3***LIVE AT THE MET, SORT OF
The Lensic and the Santa Fe Opera present "Metropolitan Opera: Simulcast Live in High Definition" for the 2007-2008 season. Come see the best opera has to offer for a relatively cheap price. This week showcases Romeo et Juliette, which stars talented hottie Anna Netrebko as the femme fatale and is directed by the one and only Placido Domingo.
11 am Saturday, Dec. 15. $15-$22.
Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., 988-1234

Can't wait until the Christmas season is over and the music world stops playing all those stupid Christmas pop songs repeatedly on the radio? Tired of all the damn caroling that goes on at indoor events? Come on out to the Santa Fe Symphony's A Yuletide Festival. There can never be enough boredom as long as there is more than enough tainted eggnog.
4 pm Sunday, Dec. 16. $18-$65.
Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., 988-1234

"Getting In The Mood for Christmas" is sure to get you in the mood for Christmas with all sorts of throwback, jazzed-up Christmas caroling.
6 pm Sunday and Monday, Dec. 16 and 17. $20.
Vanessie, 434 W. San Francisco St., 982-9966

Truly, Christmas is the time for caring and sharing but let's be daring when talking about another stinking Christmas concert. Where is all the aggressive satanic music hiding? The Lensic offers a free concert for those who can't afford the other concerts. The Santa Fe Concert Band, led by Greg Heltman, warms our hearts and fills us with love and joy.
7 pm Monday, Dec. 17. Free.
Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., 988-1234


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No, no, not Bob, the guy Bob stole his name from, Dylan Thomas. Chrysostomos, the St. John's College theater club, brings to life Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory and Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales for the less than really educated this year. It's about the only time the Johnnies humble themselves, quit exploring the meaninglessness in their lives and have some frivolous fun.
8 pm Wednesday, Dec. 12. 3 pm Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 15 and 16. $5. St. John's College, 1160 Camino Cruz Blanca, 984-6000

The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie is one of the longest-running plays in history. The Santa Fe Playhouse shows us why strangers packed in by snow can't help but commit murder and then figure out who could've done it. Filled with all of Christie's unequivocal daft humor and distinctive wit, this play may help us discover the murderer inside ourselves when we are trapped indoors with our families this Christmas.
8 pm Thursday-Saturday, Dec. 13-15. $12-$15. 2 pm Sunday, Dec. 16. Through Dec. 30. Pay what you wish.
Santa Fe Playhouse, 142 E. DeVargas St., 988-4262

EroSophia: Poems and Dances of Mystical and Erotic Love, a mad
sensual cataclysmic movement of word, sound, music and physiology, is a performance outside your average seasonal festivity. Poet Jennifer Ferraro and dancer Myra Krien excite those dormant wedded feelings and share their passion with the misfortunate in an ethereal fantasy of innocent lust. Leave the children with grandma.
7 pm Friday, Dec. 14. $20.
Body, 333 Cordova Road, 986-0362

No, we really don't. But the little ones of our beloved community and the Santa Fe Skating Club skate their souls into oblivion just to prove that figure skating is an art and not just a sport. "Winter in Neverland" is a fun, exciting, adventurous endeavor for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student of ice skating who does all he or she can to entertain the unimaginative minds of grown-ups. Costumes and choreography are priceless.
2:30 pm and 5:30 pm Saturday, Dec. 15. 2 pm Sunday, Dec. 16. $6-$10. Genoveva Chavez Community Center, 3221 Rodeo Road, 424-4986

Not everyone understands Middle Eastern mysticism-especially during this Christian holiday, which is more of a throwback to paganism. The Rumi Concert: Lion of the Heart is perfect for those that don't want to keep everything in the West. Live poetry from Rumi, dance, music and blessings for the infidels can do nothing more than celebrate the universal human spirit that extends beyond all misconceptualizations of our own dogmatic heartbeats locked into pre-conditioned spiritual transgression. Hope for the eternal.
7:30 pm Tuesday, Dec. 18. $30-$100.
Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., 988-1234


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