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Performing Arts / Books: October 24-30

October 24, 2007, 12:00 am
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For Tim Flannery the solutions to global warming are a bit more extreme that simply purchasing carbon offsets. Flannery wants to solve the problem by reinventing the way cities function. In addition to creating controversy, Flannery has been recognized as the "Australian of the Year." He discusses his new book, The Weather Makers with "Democracy Now" host Amy Goodman (see SFR Picks).
7 pm Wednesday, Oct. 24. $3-$6.
Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., 988-1234

Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant's new book Leadership, Oliphant Cartoons and Sculpture from the Bush Years takes a stab at everything from torture to Intelligent Design (see SFR Picks).
5 pm Thursday, Oct. 25. Free.
Garcia Street Books, 376 Garcia St., 986-0151

Thomas Edison may have changed the way we live by bringing light and sound into the house, but Michael J Gelb doesn't think innovation has to end there. Gelb signs his new book, Innovate Like Edison: The Success System of America's Greatest Inventor, which goes far beyond gadgets.
7:30 pm Thursday, Oct. 25. Free.
Borders Books and Music, 500 Montezuma Ave., 954-4707

***image4***LOST AND FOUND
The Disappeared keeps turning up all over town. This time, Latino poets gather to read and remember. Valerie Martinez, Griselda Castillo, Sheryl Luna, J Michael Martinez and SFR's own Ruckus, Gabe Gomez, experiment with the written word and explore identity.
6 pm Friday, Oct. 26. Free.
Tipton Hall, College of Santa Fe, 1600 St. Michael's Drive, 424-5050

While your own personal history may not be as interesting as, say, Kissinger's, you still have some things to share. But weeding out some of the details can be daunting. Memoirist Thomas Larson teaches how to not only share your personal story, but find yourself while doing so with the lecture and workshop, "Finding Ourselves: Writing Memoir and the Process of Individuation."
Lecture: 6:30-8:30 pm Friday, Oct. 26. $5.
Workshop: 9:30-11:30 am Saturday, Oct. 27. $40.
Southwest Literary Center, 825 Camino de Monte Rey, 988-5185

***image4***ALL WE ARE SAYING…
Is there a way to make peace with and in Iraq? Professor of Middle East history Juan Cole believes so. Cole wants a withdrawal of troops with conditions that will help to bring the politically differing Iraqis to the table.
7 pm Friday, Oct. 26. Free.
The Forum, College of Santa Fe, 1600 St. Michael's Drive, 473-6282

Boston College's Alice Behnegar discusses "Tocqueville on the Problem of Freedom." For Tocqueville, author of 1835's Democracy in America, individualism leads to greed and it is community that can really bind a nation together. Hmmm…sounds like somebody might have had a pretty good idea about the direction America was headed.
8 pm Friday, Oct. 26. Free.
Great Hall, St. John's College, 1160 Camino Cruz Blanca, 984-6000

Anglers, get ready to charter a boat, because Taylor Streit's Man vs. Fish is an exciting tale of one man's journey around the world and the fish he caught on the adventure.
2 pm Sunday, Oct. 28. Free.
Borders Books and Music, 500 Montezuma Ave., 954-4707

Volcanologist is about the coolest profession out there. It sounds exotic and important, like the kind of thing that sends a researcher to Hawaii or the Pacific Rim on a regular basis. Fulbright Scholar is pretty neat too, but it doesn't have the same ring. Dr. Kirt Kempter, who gets to put volcanologist and Fulbright Scholar on the old résumé, gives a talk about an island that's just as exotic but not quite as tropical as Hawaii, in "Antarctica: Past, Present and Future of the Secretive Continent."
6 pm Monday, Oct. 29.
Hotel Santa Fe, 1501 Paseo de Peralta, 466-2275

***image4***OUT OF CONTEXT
Hamid Naficy discusses the trouble and beauty exiled filmmakers find when they make movies outside of their homelands for people with different cultural backgrounds. Naficy's lecture, part of The Disappeared, focuses on films from Latin America, as well as other parts of the politically torn world.
6 pm Monday, Oct. 29.
CCA, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, 982-1338


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Ann Marie Holmes uses Feng Shui, quantum physics and Native American spiritual practices to make living in a home more balanced. Or if you want to start over, Linda Bramlette's masterful revamping leads to quick sales.
Holmes: 11 am; Bramlette: 1 pm Saturday, Oct. 27. Free.
Tropic of Capricorn, 86 Old Las Vegas Hwy., 983-2700

It's not every day that an ordinance gets a party. Like article 2007-19, whoo, let's celebrate solid waste collection! However, an ordinance like the 50-year-old Historic Preservation Ordinance does deserve some posole and tunes, because without it the Plaza might have a Wal-Mart and your house would be covered in aluminum siding, just like everywhere else in America. Yuck!
4-7 pm Saturday, Oct. 27. Plaza

The Española Valley Humane Society works hard to find families for the critters that end up under its roof. But that takes cold hard cash so, if you've ever loved a pet, get dressed up as your wackiest self (or beloved pup) and celebrate the fuzzy creatures that make life better at the Howl-O-Ween Masquerade.
5:30 pm Saturday, Oct. 27. $60.
El Museo Cultural, 1615-B Paseo de Peralta, 505-753-8662


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Fans of George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead have probably never looked at a zombie and thought, "Owww! That's one good lookin' reanimated corpse." At "Ghosts, Ghouls and Glam," the Halloween version of Wise Fool's monthly "Raise the Rent" performances, the burlesque zombies will have your head spinning.
8 pm Friday, Oct. 26. $10-$15.
Wise Fool Studios, 2778-D Agua Fria Road, 992-2588

The Masnavi Dance Collective shakes a fine hip on the last two Saturdays of the month, while belly-dance fans get the opportunity to watch, learn and gorge on baklava.
6-8 pm Saturday, Oct. 27. Free.
Cleopatra Café, 418 Cerrillos Road, 820-7381


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Deva Premal and Miten are known around the globe for their devotional chants and soundscapes of strings and piano. Premal and Miten tour in support of the brand new Moola Mantra album.
7:30 pm Thursday, Oct. 25. $30-$35.
James A Little Theater, 1060 Cerrillos Road, 986-0362

***image4***OOOOH, SPOOKY
Mussorgsky's "Night on a Bald Mountain," Dvorák's "Noon Witch" and Liszt's "Mephisto Waltz" are great ways to get the little ones into classical music and the Halloween spirit. The music is accompanied by Joe Hayes, a local storyteller who offers up New Mexico-centric folk tales.
4 pm Sunday, Oct. 28. $18-$65.
Lensic, 211 W. San Francisco St., 988-1234


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In the Internet age, a young podcaster, Jay, interprets dreams and learns about the human psyche in an original play, In Morpheus' Arms by Israel Jiménez.
7 pm Thursday-Saturday, Oct. 25-27. Free.
Weckesser Studio Theater, College of Santa Fe,
1600 St. Michael's Drive, 473-6011

One of Shakespeare's most well-known and controversial plays, The Merchant of Venice, plays with themes just never go out of style: religious conflicts, credit crises and everyone's favorite celeb fodder-an heiress.
8 pm Thursday-Saturday, Oct. 25-27. $12-$15.
2 pm Sunday, Oct. 28. Pay what you wish. Through Oct. 28.
Santa Fe Playhouse, 142 E. DeVargas St., 988-4262

Michelle Vest and Susana Guillaume each perform an original, one-woman play for an evening of diverse acting. Vest's Sole Survivors follows an American woman and three immigrants who discover a lot more than just the American Dream when they risk their lives for it. Guillaume's Girl Facing West is a coming-of-age tale that tracks a young woman from Hollywood to England and from the Amazon to Santa Fe.
7:30 pm Thursday, Oct. 25. $18.
7:30 pm Friday and Saturday, Oct. 26 and 27. $25.
Armory for the Arts Theater, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, 988-1234

Yes, the stars of the show are giant, person-sized genitals. But don't be afraid; they're teaching genitals, here to tell us about the birds and the bees. The Penis and Vagina Monologues is a different kind of sex education than the abstinence-only programs going on in schools. It offers kids and adults a chance to ask those embarrassing questions in a safe place (see SFR Talk).
7 pm Friday and Saturday, Oct. 26 and 27. $10-$18.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 107 W. Barcelona Road, 982-9674


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