Sept. 19, 2017
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Anson Stevens-Bollen

Letters to the Editor


August 30, 2017, 12:00 am

News, Aug. 23: “Car Trouble”

Horse’s Mouth

This is the most thorough and intelligent account I have read on the subject [of the MVD]. It will save days of research and wrong turns due to misleading information available from various sources. Aaron’s reporting is excellent and I appreciate the effort! I am looking forward to his stories.

Ursula Freer
Santa Fe

Voter Suppression

It will be one more layer of difficulty for rural people, local elderly and especially people of color in New Mexico. Not coincidentally, you will need this very same license to vote in future elections.

Dan Yarbrough
via Facebook

Get it Together, MVD

I lost count of how many MVD trips I had to make to finally get a license renewed. I had a certified copy of my birth certificate, I had my original Social Security card (with the caveat on it that it wasn’t to be used for identification). What they didn’t accept: expired passport (even though the State Department says it is still valid for identification purposes); the rules say a document issued by a government agency, but they didn’t accept a voter identification card.

They did accept a lease, although anyone can go to Office Depot and get a lease form and fill in anything they want. I had to switch my telco bill from my PO box (secure) to my street address (and back again). I understand the security issues, but there is a lot of nonsense and very little apparent leeway. Thanks for bringing the issue out in the open.

Dave Dillman
Santa Fe

News, Aug. 23: “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”

Total Shocker

Amazing [the city] would choose Wells Fargo—such a criminal recent history! One would think any person or business would choose integrity over those crooks. I’m shocked.

Susan Kohl
via Facebook

Cover, Aug. 23: “ATF Informant No. 9097”

Despicable Them

I did not see any evidence that this sting has reduced or hampered the overall influx of illegal drugs into this state or country for that matter. Arresting 103 individuals on drug possession seems to only impact the overburdened court system, penal institutions, and other enforcement related agencies in this state. I am genuinely pessimistic this course of action by the ATF was beneficial to anything but the numbers. Despicable at best.

William Russell via

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