Aug. 19, 2017
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Nico Salazar

Letters to the Editor


August 2, 2017, 12:00 am

Best-ish of SF, July 26

You’ll Get Old Too, ADV

The condescending rant by ADV ... against the “dancing“ of baby boomers and “those beach chair weirdos” at the free Railyard shows compel me to respond to Alex’s whining about the popular concerts.

Healthcare deserves our attention more at the moment. But ageism, sexism, and disability rights are exactly the kind of issues Baby Boomers fought to change. We already rejected “only” ballroom dancing in favor of our own styles, and music is and was a vehicle for social change.

So, Alex, ”strange dancing“ is too much for you? And, the chairs bother you? Well, how about a baby boomer response—you don’t like something, be part of the solution. Maybe, some of the chairs could be limited (for more dancing). But, you might want to consider that “Forever Young” is just a song, not a reality. One day, you too might need to take a load off and just listen to the music. Meanwhile, I bet that the musicians appreciate the audience getting up and moving, or listening.

Jasmine Stewart
Santa Fe

Mmm, Marshmallows

I’m glad to see the Burger Stand earned some recognition here, as they appear to have not ranked in the restaurant listings. And yes, Eliza Lutz does deserve recognition for her hard work bolstering the independent music scene in Santa Fe, particularly since High Mayhem has slowed down in recent years. Bravo.

Angus Burns

Cover, July 19: “A Moral Choice”

Trust Women, Yo

Count me as a certified card-carrying liberal Democrat. But I draw the line on late term abortions. Many fetuses are by then well on their way to becoming viable people. Those little kiddos, as well as their pregnant mamas, deserve our compassion and care.

My Number 1 daughter arrived at least two months early. She grew up strong and became New Mexico’s State Gymnastics Champion. Tamsin Jill blesses us now with my two lively grandchildren.

Plenty of adults now hope to adopt. My advice: Steer clear of late-term abortion docs (except for severe physical handicaps). Give these little ones a chance at life.

Richard Polese
Santa Fe

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