Aug. 19, 2017
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Morning Word: Dig Deep, Taxpayers

July 20, 2017, 7:30 am

Taxpayers will share Questa mine cleanup costs
It's a mine-waste cleanup job that's expected to cost $1 billion, and yesterday, a federal Court of Appeals ruled the government will have to share that cost with the mine's owner, Chevron. The feds owned part of the site of the shuttered molybdenum mine and helped finance it, too. Molybdenum is a steel-hardening agent and the government encouraged its extraction in the 1950s for military-grade steel. A lower court will decide who owes what in the coming months.

Wet noodles
There's a new business going in to the old Mu Du Noodles spot on Cerrillos Road. And it seems like it might be adult-themed. The owners, SFR found, also run several adult stores like the Big Eye in Albuquerque. They're also affiliated with Arcade News, the adult store next to Cheeks strip club. Neighbors are worried it's at the edge of a residential neighborhood and too close to two nearby schools. The city isn't sure what's going on.

Stabbing call ends with police shooting
New Mexico State Police are investigating the shooting of a stabbing suspect yesterday. Police say the Santa Fe Police Department's SWAT team responded to the Tuscany at St. Francis apartments near Zia Road and St. Francis Drive yesterday. After neighbors say they negotiated for an hour with the suspect—something police haven't confirmed—at least one officer fired at least one shot, killing the suspect. The stabbing victim was taken to the hospital, but is okay.

Grayed anatomy
New Mexico leads the nation in the percentage of doctors age 60 or over. It has for the past two years. As an updated study of the physician workforce is due this fall, SFR looked at what the medical care community has been doing to try to attract younger doctors before the older ones decide it's time to retire.

Easy ridin', hard mortgagin'
Taos County—home to rivers and mountains and great food and etched in the minds of many as the backdrop for the counter-culture movie classic Easy Rider—is one of the least affordable places to live in the US, according to a study by an internet company. The median income is less than $37,000 and the median home price is more than $240,000. Meanwhile, Los Alamos is on the other end of the spectrum, with a median income over $100,000 a year and relatively affordable places to live on that salary. 

Home of 'The Brave' ... and the chilly
Two new productions are going to be shooting in and around Santa Fe, including the independent feature film Icebox, which will be in production through August in Albuquerque and Española. The first season of an NBC drama called The Brave will start shooting this month in Santa Fe and Albuquerque and continue through the end of the year.

Accidentally Awesome
Jude Sparks was 9 years old when he tripped over something in the Las Cruces brush last November. It was a fossilized Stegomastodon that had a few years on him. Like, 1.2 million of them. Jude and his family called New Mexico State University and the rest of it makes for a pretty neat story in the New York Times

Storms again
It's going to be a hot one again, with a chance of storms to cool us off in the late afternoon (that applies to the western half of the state). That chance will kick up on the weekend as it cools down a little to boot. Do your outside stuff in the morning ... just as soon as you're done with the Word.

Thanks for reading! The Word likes your pluck.

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