Sept. 23, 2017
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Anson Stevens-Bollen

Letters to the Editor


June 21, 2017, 12:00 am

News, June 14: “New Koch”

Keep Dreamin’

My thanks to the SF Reporter and Matt Grubs for speaking with me about the great work that we do at Americans for Prosperity - New Mexico. We exist to recruit, educate, and mobilize citizens in support of the policies and goals of a free society at the local, state and federal level, helping every American live their dream—especially the least fortunate.

Burly Cain
via Facebook

Welfare Recipients

Yes, the only reason [the Kochs] are successful is from an insane amount of corporate welfare. If we all got the kinds of tax breaks and other subsidies given to Koch Industries, we’d be rich too! Americans for Prosperity—give me a break. A “free society” with less government means all those tax breaks and subsidies for the Koch brothers and other wealthy elites would be gone!

Roxanne Barber

Just Ludicrous

It is ludicrous to say that people believe the Koch brothers are evil because they are successful. Being born on third base and telling everyone you hit a home run hardly qualifies one as being successful regardless. ... What this family is successful at is being major polluters, employee abuse and purveyors of extreme libertarian propaganda through over 40 organizations they hide behind. They wish to peddle their candidates to produce results that benefit them to the detriment of the hard-working people of New Mexico and our children.

Jeff Carr

News, June 14: “Long Hot Summer”

Hear it for the Girls

Aaron Cantú is right about the great need for more summer recreational and enrichment programs for youth. The city’s and the SFPS’s programs provide tremendous value but only reach a small portion of our 5- to 18-year-olds. Kids want activities that are meaningful and continue their academic, emotional and physical growth.

Girls Inc. of Santa Fe has a wait list of over 90 of girls for our current eight-week summer program for girls ages 5-18. Registration fills long before the deadline each spring for enrollment, and if we had the facilitators, space, and money to run the programs, we could serve even more of Santa Fe’s girls now.

We’re embarking on a five-year growth plan to extend our reach from the current 500 girls to 1,500, and that’s for both school year and summer programs. ... STEM subjects and principles, economic and social literacy, and healthy lifestyle choices are among the topics made fun and physical. We currently partner well with the mayor’s office and the SFPS, and want to do more for our Santa Fe girls.

Kim Brown
President & CEO, Girls Inc.

Cover, June 14: “Flight Plans”

Loud Noises

Nobody cares about the residents who live under the approachway who have to hear loud disruptive noise overhead as private and commercial pilots fly low to give passengers an aerial view of the city. I am talking about egregiously low flights over residential neighborhoods on the west side/Agua Fria, when pilots could just as well approach from the sparsely populated area between Cochiti and Las Campanas. City council could limit flyovers, but evidently they just don’t care. The result is increased tourism but a reduced quality of life for residents. And I reiterate, the jet noise is loud. But it’s just another noise to add to the cacophony of loud motorcycles, constant sirens, unmuffled hot rodders and medical helicopters that constantly fly overhead. Santa Fe has become a very noisy place.

Rachel Cogent

Talk it Out

The airport needs to communicate more with the residents of La Cienega and La Cieneguilla regarding expansion and additional flights. I bought my property in La Cienega knowing I have an airport in my backyard but I also knew it was a small airport. I have no problem with additional commercial flights as long as there is consideration given for flight times and noise control. With the current schedule of commercial flights it is not a problem, but if we start having commercial flights taking off and landing earlier and later, well, that could become a problem for local residents, and their needs should be considered as well as the rest of Santa Fe.

Rick Dumiak

It’s a Small World

”There’s plenty of room to grow, and doing so could give the city and the region an economic shot in the arm.” SF Reporter fails to mention possible issues of water use. Let’s not call this a news article; this is cheerleading for an expanded Adobe Disneyland.

David Steele

It All Works Out

I’m a big fan of the Santa Fe Airport and try to get flights out of there instead of driving hours to Albuquerque for a trip. Yes, it’s a little more expensive, but by the time you factor in parking, sometimes a hotel for early departures and car wear and tear, it all works out.

Also, it never made sense to me how a state capital didn’t have an international airport. I’m glad they are adding flights to the repertoire because Santa Feans need the options.

Dana Pratt

Movies, June 7: “Wonder Woman”


A 7 for Wonder Woman and 9 for [Guardians of the Galaxy]? I loved both films. Both were awesome. Both made me laugh. One made me cry and laugh. One made me want to see it again. And that was W-squared.

And ... we would all be better off and have twice as much fun if both genders’ work were considered respectable and amazing.

Even as a woman I have a hard time saying this. But let’s just do it... “Yay women! Yay women! Yay women!” Because humans need this for now. And sheesh, give Wonder Woman a 10 and go live a happier life because you helped us all to be respected.

Jessica Wiley
Santa Fe

Web Extra, June 6: “SFR Writer Indicted Following Inaugural Protest Coverage”


[Aaron Cantú] should be exonerated. It’ll end up as a waste of taxpayer resources. Trump could have used that money to buy some fuel for AF1 on his way to play golf.

Bruce Clark

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