Aug. 20, 2017
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Morning Word: Mom, I'm Bored

June 14, 2017, 7:30 am

Post-school daze
Summer break is in full swing for kids—and parents—in Santa Fe, and a growing number of hardworking families are looking for a place for children to be active and under adult supervision. The city says it works hard to find a spot in planned programs for everyone who's interested, but SFR spoke to parents who weren't aware of city efforts. The school district and a number of other nonprofit groups are all working to make summer programs not just more widely available, but more useful to kids who are ready to learn whether school's in or out.

More hearings, more Heinrich
New Mexico US Senator Martin Heinrich's seat on the Senate Intelligence Committee has been a high-profile post as of late. He recently questioned fired FBI director James Comey about his conversations with the president and Russian interference in US elections. Yesterday, he attempted to take a former colleague, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to task over Sessions' refusal to share information about the same investigation.

LANL goofs another waste shipment
A barrel containing chemicals used to clean cooling pipes at Los Alamos National Lab was improperly labeled and more volatile than advertised, a Colorado disposal facility found last month. LANL admits the error, but says it didn't make a difference to the disposal process. The mistake has echoes of the improperly packed barrel that fed a fire at the WIPP nuclear waste site in Carlsbad.

County Commission delays development approval
People who live in the quasi-rural part of Santa Fe County near the end of St. Francis Drive and Rabbit Road, just south of I-25, showed up to yesterday's County Commission meeting to urge commissioners to take a closer look at the traffic impact of a proposed development there. The project, a mixed-use development that would include warehouse space, medical offices, apartments and homes, has been in the works for years. The commission agreed to the delay and will take up the issue once more next month.

New Mexico doc heads AMA
Local oncologist Dr. Barbara McAneny will head the 215,000-member American Medical Association for the next year. McAneny has been serving as president-elect for a year already. It's a feather in her cap—and New Mexico's, to be sure—but it's not like the state has oncologists to spare.

ABQ hot spot on the market
Green Jeans Farmery, the shipping-container retail development just off I-40 and Carlisle Boulevard, is for sale. The innovative spot is home to a Santa Fe Brewing Company taproom and other restaurants and shops. The $5.2 million price tag looks like a sign that business is robust and the developer is on to other things.

Black community seeks ATF answers
A sting operation by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that used five well-paid black and Hispanic informants netted a disproportionately high number of black defendants on drug and gun charges. After the story became public, the black community in Albuquerque says it felt like "a punch in the face." Community groups tell SFR contributing editor Jeff Proctor they feel targeted and plan to ask the ATF for answers about the operation, which purportedly went after the worst criminals, but nabbed very few higher-level drug dealers.

Dose of cute
There's a new baby giraffe at the zoo in Albuquerque. That's probably all that needs to be said, but in the interest of providing the information you crave, he's a day old, can already stand and doesn't have a name yet.

Thanks for reading! The Word thinks "Reporty" is a decent name. Or maybe "Esseffar" would do? Don't judge! You know there's going to be a big ol' marketing plan to name the little guy. 

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