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Anson Stevens-Bollen

Letters to the Editor


May 31, 2017, 12:00 am

Web Extra, May 24:“Not Bad for Government Work”

Divine Inspiration

Executive CEO Mayor versus community conscious public servant. That seems to be the divide between the mayor’s salary setting commission and the public speaking out at recent public input meetings. Many feel misled, angry and offended by the huge salary increase for the mayor in a time when the community is stretched thin. This drama is playing out like a Dr. Seuss story (“Yertle the Turtle”). Here’s my own version of the story:

The turtle on top must be paid more,
Because he’s one notch above the turtle
While the taxpayer turtles that hold up the
are sliding and sinking into the deep.
While they lose their jobs, infrastructure and
the turtles on top compare data and rules.
They say that the mayor is the top CEO,
ignoring all the suffering of the turtles below.

Gayle Dawn Price
Santa Fe

News, May 24: “Duty to Succeed”

Loser Parents

Unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant and useless parents out there that throw their kids at the school and expect the state to educate them. It starts at home. Get involved with your children, encourage thinking, curiosity, and learning. Turn off the TV and take away the video games. Take them to the library. Invest in your children. A lot of the parents I see [are] bad examples, lazy drop-outs, waiting for government handouts, using their children as objects, whether it be for handouts, or custody battles; exposing their children to to all of their drama, including the music, and loser lifestyle.

Jake Telles
via Facebook

Stay This Way

New Mexico is gonna stay impoverished and weak because of the Republicans who hold everyone down through oppressive ideology.

Stan Espinosa
via Facebook

Cover, May 24: “Dispensary Land”

Good for the Pups

The folks were so very kind to me when I stopped by to pick up some CBD oil for my dog, Sumo, who had been diagnosed with cancer the day before, given only weeks to live. Well, Sumo, is back to normal, energetic, curious, enjoying life after I expected for him to pass on late in March. I am very grateful and wish we in NM had funded more research and produced this remedy ourselves rather than have it imported from Switzerland. I know of another little dog who seems to benefit greatly from CBD oil, as far as we can tell. I hope others will hear about it and share their stories, what worked, was helpful and what not. So because of my recent personal experience, I am particularly appreciative of this article, thanks.

Uomi S Brog
via Facebook

Healthy and Fun!

Very interesting. I came away with the impression that the cannabis business is still trying to decide between a future as alternative medicine or as something along the lines of a specialty bar and grill. Be fascinating to see where it settles. Colorado seems to be slowly but surely moving towards the latter. Health is still a marketing emphasis, but the other aspects are increasingly prominent.

Scott McMillin


Tasteless depiction of the program and patients in that cartoon used for the article; Does SFR find humor in those who have cancer, MS, ALS or PTSD?

Jason Barker

Letters, May 17: “Not Enough” and “Works for Some”

Here Here

John Moreau is absolutely correct when he says that domestic violence offenders (also called batterers and habitual abusers) should be required to participate in a 52-week program. Sheila Lewis is also correct in saying that not all those who come before the courts qualify as needing 52 weeks of treatment. Abuse and partner violence happen in levels and degrees; from yelling and threatening to brutally assaulting a victim. We need to have different levels and degrees of treatment, from 12-week to 26-week and 52-week treatment, in order to make sure the offender gets a level of treatment that best fits the situation. We need to have a consistent and effective means of assessing each individual case. Ideally, this would be done by a licensed therapist who has knowledge of the dynamics of abuse and violence, and should be done prior to court sentencing. It should also be noted that not all offenders are male and not all victims are women.

Martin Klehn
Santa Fe

News, May 17:“Hold On to Your Butts”

Not Everyone Likes It

I completely agree with the city’s decision to outlaw smoking on the Plaza. Secondhand tobacco smoke is a proven carcinogen, but that isn’t the only carcinogenic smoke people are forced to inhale there. Meat grilling on the Plaza has gotten out of hand. On one visit last year to the bandstand series, a thick pall from meat grilling hung over the entire park. It was so dense that our group of bikers was forced to leave the festivities.

There is growing public awareness that eating barbecued meat is conclusively link to increased cancers, but emerging research now proves that inhaling polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from grilling meat increases cancer too and definitely harms fetal development in the womb. Why not make it a clear and safe environment for everyone down at the Plaza and ban all forms of smoke?

James Corcoran
Santa Fe


In SFR’s 2017 Summer Guide, inserted in today’s edition, we incorrectly stated in the “Summer’s Cool” event guide that the FantaSe Dome Fest would occur June 17. It is not happening this year. Sorry, guys.

SFR will correct factual errors online and in print. Please let us know if we make a mistake, or 988-7530.

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