Sept. 20, 2017
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May 10, 2017, 12:00 am

News, May 3: “Almost Flunking”

Havin’ Puppies?

St. Vincent turned me away when I was in labor, saying, “We don’t have room for anyone to have a baby here today,” and then gave me the number for a veterinarian in Las Vegas.

Kris Buchmann
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Computer Virus

A better IT department is not the fix. Get good doctors and nursing staff. Screw-ups are still a common occurance. Go to Albuquerque.

Judy Walker
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A Dissenting Voice

I have to disagree from personal experience, both my own and that of my mother-in-law, who [has taken] several trips to St. Vincent over the past few years. ... She was lovingly and thoroughly cared for and I can not begin to express my gratitude enough.

Perhaps “Patient 11” had some conditions upon arrival (often the case) and they were not diagnosed until later. My father was president of a larger nonprofit hospital in New York, and I am familiar with the problems that plague hospitals, longer-term care and public relations. I give St. Vincent a B+.

Michael D Lancaster

Can’t Leap Over It

Nice try, St. Vincent. Leapfrog is a well-respected nonprofit. The hospital I now work at just got an A. Why? Because of relentless focus on infections, safety, re-admissions and being a High Reliability Organization. The Joint Commission survey results are another factor to look at, as well.

Anne Wheeler
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Just Stay Healthy

Scary. I would say for people to stay healthy as long as possible by making good choices about diet, exercise, relationships and habits. That way you don’t end up in a “St. Victim’s” situation. ... I think people end up in hospitals because of poor choices.

Leo Ortiz

On the Up and Up

They saved both of my parents’ lives, so of course I’m biased. I remember hearing all the stories about “St. Victim’s” back in the day, plus the horror stories. Bright side of information like this is they can only go up from here. Plus there’s a Presbyterian being built here, and so they will have no choice but to get better.

Mark J Ortiz
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Horse’s Mouth

We are so very sorry to hear about the experiences that some of you have had. We can assure you that absolutely no member of today’s Christus St. Vincent leadership team would find these situations acceptable. If you receive (or have received) anything short of exceptional care during your visit or stay at Christus St. Vincent, please contact our Patient Relations Manager at 505-913-5327. Please also feel welcome to message us on Facebook at any time.

Within the past two years, Christus St. Vincent has been aggressively re- engineered. Millions have been invested in cutting edge technology, infrastructure and top talent to transform our operations—including ... a relentless focus on infections, safety, and readmissions. The shift in these areas has been swift and dramatic, and the work is not slowing down.

Currently, at least 23 clinically directed new performance improvement projects are underway. As we continue to improve, we ask that you would please continue to share your thoughts and concerns with us.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center
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News, May 3: “Sugar Tax Fails”


People always vote against taxes in this country. It’s insane. That backwoods mentality of “the government’s coming to get our money!” is not exactly correct. You protect your hard-earned dollars from “the government” while huge corporations and Wall Street run off with billions of your cash.

Why? Because we don’t invest in small government. We don’t invest in each other. We invest in them. This is why small government is looking for alternatives to fund programming. There is no other option.

Getting kids into pre-K will help parents get back to work, which will help the economy, get children off on a strong start in learning ... and it also gives future generations a stronger chance for survival and success (who will be your neighbors, or the ones taking care of your old, dying asses). ...

What is truly sad is that progress needs the Bloomberg dollars to even compete with such massive entities like the NRA, Coca-Cola, etc. ... So thanks a lot for voting for your addictions and big corporate money ... over your/our children.

And that’s not a “moralistic tone;” that’s the truth of this country’s political climate. And it is killing us all.

Libby King Miller

Why Not?

If the voters, the mayor and councilpersons are so concerned with the pre-kindergarten program, why don’t they either provide the money in the budget without additional taxes or provide a means for tax-free donations?

Robert Jaye

Just a Ploy

The tax is nothing but a big lie; especially if Bloomberg is involved. “Doing it for the kids” is overused and merely a phrase to justify a different agenda. We have enough money pumped into the black hole of New Mexico education and we are still at the bottom educational rung. Something is wrong with New Mexico big-time and more money isn’t going to solve anything. It’s been this way far back as I can remember ... and nothing changes. Furthermore, teach your children at home.

We don’t need to have them indoctrinated with left wing anti-American rhetoric; and don’t think it doesn’t happen. May as well send them to Afhanistan [sic]. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard the last of this tax ploy.

Bob Delich

Web Extra, May 3: “City of Santa Fe Fails to Publish Readable Election Results on its Website...”

Big Picture, SFR!

The outcome—that it lost—was sufficiently announced in a timely manner. I’m more interested in understanding why our progressive city favored soda over early childhood education. Scandalizing that specific results were posted a day late seems less important and interesting than why it was voted down, and how to address the problems that remain around the issues at hand.

Linda Krauss

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