Sept. 22, 2017
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Anson Stevens-Bollen

Letters to the Editor


May 3, 2017, 12:00 am

Letters, April 19: “Love Your Libraries”

We Do!

Bruce Mergele, a librarian with the Santa Fe Public Library, requested feedback about our local libraries, and I have only positive feedback to provide.

Over hundreds of visits over the last eight years, the librarians at the Main Branch have been patient, friendly and knowledgeable. ... The children’s librarians have consistently been able to divine the exact book my son wants to read (even when the details he provides are thin), and as a result my son loves to go to the library.

And when I mistakenly included one of my own books in the library drop box, the librarian noticed, saved it for me, and surprised me with it the next time I came in. That’s really above and beyond.

I’m grateful for the incredible job that the librarians do every day to serve the citizens of Santa Fe.

Stephanie Taxy
Santa Fe

Letters, April 26: “Remote and Small”

New Suggestions

Loved the writer’s suggestion that local pols sell Santa Fe as a place for software developers, and by extension other IT-related businesses. Then it was pointed out to me by someone who had lived here longer that we can’t even attract more non-tech home-based workers because of the poor quality of the infrastructure.

I know that must be true, because the best CenturyLink broadband that I could get here is slower than what I used to have in Taos. ... Seems like the state and city would do better to focus efforts on incentivizing fiber optics and other things that would provide the necessary infrastructure for so many modern businesses—businesses that would be permanent.

Markeeta Brown
Santa Fe

Cover, April 26: “The Craft”

U Da Best

After enjoying good beer ... all my life (64 years on this planet), I love Santa Fe Brewing’s Freestyle Pilsner the best! I can’t believe it’s right here in Santa Fe! I wish they brewed it all year long. Hey, the Cubs won the World Series ... so ... ANYTHING is possible!

Michael Friestad

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